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Soaps have never really featured in my bathroom, often finding them a bit old fashioned and drying. Recently my opinion of them was changed by these exotic products from Sabai Soaps which incorporated the scents of Thailand into the rectangular bars. These fragrances were vibrant and strong, and although I adore them, they are perhaps not everyone's cup of tea. Speaking of tea, the English Soap Company is a brand I've seen over Instagram via other bloggers, and I recently had the chance to test out some of their tea-themed soaps. Is there anything more British?! The beautifully fragranced soaps have most certainly won me over and have continued to show me that soaps can actually be quite luxurious.

The English Soap Company was founded 12 years ago after the owners, Bob and Juliet, found some vintage soap moulds in a machinery workshop farm (of all places!). This inspired them to try making their own soaps, experimenting with different fragrances over time, and coming to perfect them with the products that are being sold today. I am always so fascinated to hear how companies came to be, and this story of trying to bring back a bit of history through these discarded moulds for some reason (probably because I'm a history nerd/ ex history student) makes me very happy. There are various different scents to choose from, all linking back to traditionally English inspirations which are predominantly quite floral. From rose, lavender and lily of the valley to more exotic jasmine, cherry blossom and coconut, the soaps cover a wide range of fragrances which will suit everyone's tastes.

The texture of these soaps is so silky and they left my skin feeling incredibly smooth. With many soaps, the ingredients can often strip your skin of moisture and although they feel as though they are doing a great job with the cleaning element, can leave your skin feeling dried out and in desperate need of a moisturiser. This is one of the reasons I have never really used soap, but the English Soap Company's creations are so nourishing, probably aided by the shea butter and essential oils which make up these vegetable soaps- I'm very impressed! What I love most about these soaps is the fragrance. The perfume is quite strong with these soaps (perhaps not the best if you are sensitive to such things), but it does provide a wonderful sensory experience. They smell very decadent and luxurious; I have the honey & camomile and green tea soaps; the former smells really soothing whilst the latter has quite an uplifting, revitalising scent. They also have a lovely range of festive scents (featuring orange, spices and winter flowers) which would make the perfect Christmas gifts (thinking way ahead!)- I can imagine these smell just like Christmas!

Keeping with the vintage, old-fashioned (in a very good way) theme, each soaped is wrapped in paper which features a print in line with the specific fragrance. I really love the vintage feel of these; not only do they look so elegant but the detail just adds to the luxury of the product. Although everything about these soaps is luxurious, they only cost £4.95 per soap, which I don't think is bad at all! You can also get gift wrapped ones which cost less so they make great little gifts or treats which won't break the bank. They look the part, are great quality and are also quite big at 200g so will last you a fair while. A gorgeous, home-grown brand that creates the most divine-smelling products. You can browse the different fragrances here.

Are you a fan of soaps? Which of the different fragrances would you choose?

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