NEW: Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink Eyelashes

It only seems like recently that I posted a review of some Kiss lashes but here we are again with a brand new collection. To be fair, Kiss are joint number one on my list of favourite false eyelash brands (alongside Eylure), and my love for them is both well-justified and nostalgic as their Iconic lashes were the first pair of falsies that ever made me feel confident with trichotillomania (way back, aged 15!). Their lashes are always so comfortable to wear and often display a combination of all the things I look for in order to cover my own lack of eyelashes. From the perfect length, a super-natural multi-angle feature as seen in their new Blooming Lash range, to the subtle overlapping of lashes near the base to hide any gaps, their lashes are often the first ones I reach for if I need a little confidence boost. Although their new faux mink collection isn't as natural-looking as some others I've featured in the past, these are still gorgeous lashes that make the perfect pair to apply for a night out.

In all of the below photos, I am wearing the style 'Midnight'. The lashes themselves are a lot bigger than what I am used to wearing, and as a result they felt absolutely huge when I first applied them! After a while of wearing them, I did get accustomed to the size and feel very easily and found that (especially for how dramatic a look they create) they were surprisingly comfortable. The strip of Kiss lashes is always so flexible and light; with these faux mink lashes they do still feel light but you cannot bend them as much as other lashes due to it being quite thick. I prefer to bend the strip so that when I go to stick them on, they are already shaped quite well to the natural curve of your lash line but these are not that flexible. Despite this, they were still easy to apply and I found that, even without having lashes to guide them, they could be applied along the natural lash line with minimal hassle. The packaging of these lashes is a bit different from what we are used to seeing with Kiss (and other false lash brands) in that the window which displays the lashes sticks out in a little bubble (which is very difficult to photograph)- it's a little thing but I really like the addition and makes the packaging look that extra bit sleeker.

I really love how these look head-on, but you could tell when I look to the side just how long they were. Although I am putting this down to the fact that I am used to wearing much shorter, natural lashes (and most of the time used to not seeing any lashes at all in my line of vision), I felt like all I could see was eyelashes. Almost as if they were blocking the top part of my vision?! The style is definitely too OTT and dramatic for everyday wear in my opinion, but these could be a good option for a night out paired with similar dressed-up makeup. There are six different styles within this new range; midnight, gala, little black dress and noir are all quite big, whilst pitch and boudoir seem far more suitable for day-to-day wear and are the two I would say look best for covering signs of hair loss. (More photos of them can be found here). Generally, they are definitely 'dressy' lashes, especially with the thicker, black strip giving the illusion of eyeliner too. If you don't mind this, then these would be great for hair loss as the thickness, volume and tightly packed lashes means there are no gaps to be seen underneath.

Another thing I like about this collection is how it continues to follow the line of the Blooming Lash range with the multi-angle technology. The Lash Couture falsies sport eyelashes which vary in length and are layered on top of each other to make them look far more natural side-on and also give the texture of real eyelashes. Hopefully Kiss will keep running with this innovative feature and create a super-natural range for us trichotillomania sufferers, as I think that would be a dream come true and help a lot of us eyelash-less chicas out! (If anyone who works for Kiss is reading this....). One thing to note is that these don't come with glue so if you're new to lashes it might be worth grabbing some when you buy these (Revlon and Eylure do great glues you can buy individually), otherwise, keep the glue from other false lash packets! It's great to see another brand make a stand against the use of mink fur within the eyelash industry and emphasise that faking it doesn't impact the quality of the lashes at all. If you want to learn more on the use of mink fur/hair then Hayley from London Beauty Queen wrote a fantastic post here- I recommend you read up on it! The Kiss Lash Couture range is available in Superdrug for £7.99 each.

Do you prefer a dramatic lash look or are you all about the natural flutter?
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  1. You look so beaut here! Lashes look so pretty on you. Bae xxx

    1. Thanks boo, they felt really big but actually don't look too bad on!! xxx

  2. Those eyelashes are gorgeous. I've never tried fake eyelashes before, i might give those a go!


    1. They're surprisingly comfortable, although maybe not the best for first time false lashes (unless you're wearing them for a night out)! x


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