Kiss Blooming Lash Collection: A Review For Trichotillomania

Having had no eyelashes for pretty much all of my life, I like to think that by now I'm a bit of a connoisseur of false lashes. Although I have given up wearing them on a day to day basis (let's face it, in an office no-one cares if you have eyelashes or not), I still think they are a great way of not only covering up signs of hair loss but also preventing pulling; if you go to pull your eyelashes you'll end up taking the whole false lash strip off so it works quite well as a deterrent! One of the first brands I dabbled in when I initially discovered the beauty of false lashes was Kiss. Their lashes transformed how I saw trichotillomania and how the disorder made me feel- for the first time I actually felt like a normal human being with natural-looking eyelashes. Their (relatively) new 'Blooming Lash' collection could be another life-changing range for those with hair loss. Here's why...

These innovative lashes contain a 'multi-angle' technology. You might be thinking, 'what the hell does this even mean?!'. Well, you might be familiar with the common scenario when you are using false lashes to cover up hair loss; the false lashes look great head-on, but when you turn to the side they look very one-dimensional and quite obviously fake. Real eyelashes aren't perfectly aligned in one neat row- they are layered, textured and each is a different length. The 'multi-angle' technology is essentially a layering technique which will mimic this natural lash look, meaning that side-on, the lash design looks more natural than ever before. I absolutely love this idea, and it has filled a huge gap in the market when it comes to lashes for hair loss. It's always been an annoying little thing that has never sat well with me, even when I find a pair of eyelashes I love, so for them to look as natural as possible from all angles will definitely make those with hair loss feel much more confident when wearing them.

Next up is the range of designs in the floral-themed collection. Each of the six designs available are totally wearable. Usually there is at least one style that seems too dramatic that you instantly think 'I would never wear those', but with this collection, each set offers something a little different whilst still looking relatively natural. I tried the style 'Peony', and I think this probably creates the most dramatic look out of all of them. As you can see from the photos of them applied, they are quite dark, long and have quite a lot of volume. This isn't necessarily a bad thing- although they did seem quite 'big' on, meaning I personally wouldn't wear them for an everyday-going-to-work look, they would be perfect for any evening events or activities as they provide that extra bit of drama whilst still being passed of as relatively natural looking.

'Daisy' offers this same look, just not as dark, 'Lily' doesn't provide as much volume but focuses on length, 'Tulip' gives the darkness, volume and texture of 'Peony', just at half the length (the shorter length makes them look like your own), 'Camellias' again gives length like 'Lily' just with slightly more texture, and 'Jasmine' is just an all-round perfect mixture of all of these things- probably my favourite of all of these and the set I think would be best for trichotillomania or hair loss (shortly followed by 'Tulip!). You can see the whole range here if you want to see images of each style.

I didn't use the Kiss glue to apply these and opted for my usual Eylure tube. There's nothing wrong with the Kiss formula and it does work fine, but they haven't updated it for a long time and, in this time, Eylure have revamped theirs to be better than ever. I personally prefer it as I find the Kiss glue can get a bit too tacky, sticky and messy. It does keep lashes in place though so don't be put off by it! I had to slightly trim the lashes at the ends as they were a tiny bit too long for my eyes, but this is a regular thing with most eyelashes and not just Kiss, so this didn't bother me at all.

Overall, although the 'Peony' style wasn't my ultimate favourite for a natural daytime look, the Blooming Lash collection itself offers an incredible range of natural looking lashes that will help cover hair loss. The multi-angle technology really does work and helps to add to the 'natural-ness', and, as always with Kiss lashes (and something which made me fall in love with them in the first place), all the styles feature a criss-crossing of the individual hairs near the base of the strip so that you don't see any eyelash gaps when you look down. It's the number one thing I look for when finding false lashes for covering trichotillomania, and each set within this collection features it, which I am pleased to see. At £5.99 these are a must-try if you're on the look out for some new, natural false lashes to try. I have my eyes set on the 'Jasmine' style next!

 Which style in this collection do you like the sound of? Which false eyelashes are your go-to favourites for trichotillomania?

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This post features press samples but, as always, all opinions are my own. 



  1. These look super pretty on you. I'm really picky about false lashes and I tend to like slightly more natural, fluttery ones. I'm going to have to see if I can get Kiss lashes here in Canada! I like to have a pair on hand for special occasions even though I don't wear them very often.

    1. Thank you! I tend to go for the more natural ones for everyday looks too- these did feel a bit OTT on but they felt bigger than how they looked, if that makes sense? I'm exactly the same- got to have a stash to fall back on! x


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