Introducing Sabai Soaps: Vegan, Organic and Deliciously Exotic Scents

One thing that I have never really used is soap. Not in an 'I never wash' way (obviously), but I've always found them incredibly drying on my skin, opting for a moisturising shower lotion or nourishing cleansing cream instead to stop my skin feeling tight and dehydrated. The only way I would use them would be if I treated myself to one of Lush's glorious designs (although, let's face it, I only, ever go in there for bath bombs). When Sabai Soaps got in touch me asking me to review their artisan natural soaps, I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to see if I could replace my shower gels and creams once and for all.

Firstly, the packaging of these soaps is beautiful; unique, eye-catching and even biodegradable. The unusual yet elegant packaging of the gift sets is equally stunning! Sustainability and all-natural ingredients are some of the main ethics that lie at the core of Sabai Soaps. Their organic, natural ingredients contain a number of essential oils and vitamins which not only reflects their business ethos but are hugely beneficial to your skincare regime. The Thai influence of this brand can be seen in the same ('Sabai' meaning 'happy' or 'tranquil'), packaging and gorgeously tropical scents that are available. I think this Asian influence is something that really sets that brand apart from others out there; co-founder Gavin Thorpe's 'love affair' with Thailand inspired him to bring some "exotic luxury" back to his homeland and after partnering with a small family-run business in North Thailand in 2015, Sabai Soaps was born.

All of these hand-made soaps come packed with their own powerful, unique and mesmerising scent. Walk into Lush and you will find the same-old scents that we have become familiar with (sweeter fragrances, citrus hues etc etc), but Sabai Soaps has turned some scents that you wouldn't instantly reach for into something very enjoyable. For example, this 'Unwind' gift set includes a Sesame Scrub, Green Seaweed soap and Lemongrass soap; these exotic fragrances don't strike me as scents that I would say 'I need that in my life', perhaps due to an element of the unknown. But they smell incredible. My first doubts were completely thrown aside when these arrived. The Green Seaweed scent has a very light, almost minty, smell that is perfect for waking you up in the morning. The Lemongrass fragranced soap is citrus-y but not in the traditional sense; it's refreshing but not sickly sweet like some lemon scents can be. Lastly, the Sesame Scrub reminds me a lot of the Green Seaweed soap in that is is very fresh but more delicate. The seeds add for great exfoliation- it is certainly gentle enough to use every day but I would probably only use it a couple of times a week.

These vegan, organic soaps not only smell like stepping into an exotic spa, but they have made my skin feel lovely, As mentioned, most soaps have a very drying effect on my skin. Although I must admit that straight after use, my skin feels very slightly tight, it is nowhere near what I have experienced with other soaps. I have been using these since I received them (about a month) and will continue to do so- that speaks volumes given my track record with soaps! They are rich with natural essential oils and do not contain any man-made ingredients, meaning these are a safe option for sensitive skin. I think this extra nourishment and hydration has kept my skin from feeling dry after using these soaps, so for anyone with normal skin these will be a dream to use! Although this gift set is a great way to try the variety of soaps the company has to offer, if you don't fancy some of the fragrances within it, the soaps are sold individually at £5.95 each. Some are reduced on their website at the moment (including the Unwind gift set featured), so if these handmade soaps intrigue you it's well worth checking the bargains out!

Are you a fan of soaps? What do you think of these exotic scents?

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This post is sponsored by Sabai Soaps however all opinions are my own. I genuinely think they're amazing.

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