Well Gel! My New Favourite Eyeliner From Elizabeth Arden (Plus The Cutest Brush EVER!)

Last month, as a lovely Christmas present, my mum and I flew to Jersey for a short, Channel Island holiday. Aside from visiting the zoo and spa, it's needless to say we spent most of our time shopping. Filled with department stores, we wondered in and out swooning at all the beauty products, before stumbling across Feel Unique on St Helier high street. We had found heaven. We rummaged through all of the Christmas bargains and deals, before I glimpsed this reduced pot of gorgeousness in the Elizabeth Arden clearance section. It was the last one left, it was down to a ridiculous price, I knew I had to have it. It is the best eyeliner I have ever used.

I have dabbled a bit in gel eyeliners before, such as the infamous Maybelline one and a Collection dupe, but I've quickly lost interest in them after a couple of weeks, always resorting back to my trusty liquid eyeliners. Although they are highly pigmented, I've found the gel texture takes ages to dry and leaves a lot of transfer over my lid. I also never had a good brush to apply the cheap gel liners with, so my go-to winged liner was never neat or precise when I used gel. As such, I was dubious when I bought this Elizabeth Arden pot, but for £8 there was nothing to lose in giving a higher quality eyeliner a whirl.

This Sunkissed Pearls Gel Eyeliner comes with the most adorable (and incredibly useful) miniature eyeliner brush, which is probably the best thing about this whole product. It is angled (much like the Lancome Grandiose swan-neck mascaras) in order to aid application; this is an amazing feature if you struggle with eyeliner at all, as it stops you faffing around with finding the best angle to apply at. The brush itself is small, thin and precise; everything you need when applying eyeliner. Another plus is that the bristles don't get matted and clogged with the gel formula- something I found to happen with the Maybelline one.

The perfect brush is combined with a gel eyeliner, packaged in a beautifully elegant glass pot. Enriched with emollients and natural oils, these additions really help the liner to glide onto your lid and not turn drying or cakey. Because of this anti-drying quality, it is super-easy to layer up, build upon your liner and also wipe away and correct any mistakes with ease. However, it also means that it does take a little extra to dry, meaning you've got to resist wiping your eye for quite a while to avoid smudging it! Once set, it lasts all day. There is some, but minimal, transfer onto the top of my eyelid and the colour is a striking jet black that even my liquid liners struggle to achieve. This is a stunning eyeliner; amazing, angled brush, cute glass pot, silky smooth formula and serious staying power. I have been turning to this eyeliner every day since I bought it and haven't looked back...I'm definitely a gel convert now!

Which eyeliners do you swear by? Are you a gel, kohl or liquid fan?

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  1. I am usually rubbish with gel liners but I have a MAC and NARS pot that I get obsessed with now and again when I am being gentle, I definitely want to try this and such a great price xxx

    1. I think you need the right one...I always thought it was a faff and that I was crap at applying them until I got this one. A good brush also plays a huge part; this one makes application a doddle! xxx


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