Help:Clear Skin...An Easy Boost To A Brighter Complexion?

Firstly, happy new year to you all! Apologies for my absence, I am currently drowning in exams an am too busy swotting up on law to write regular posts (BOOOOO!). We are three weeks into 2016, and by now, most of you will have made your new year's resolutions and are on your way to acing them. One of my 2016 promises to myself was to take better care of my skin. As you may have read before on this site, I can suffer from really bad dry skin flare-ups, caused by anything from stress to a change in the weather. As such, I have decided to be proactive rather than reactive to my skin problems, and am trying to take simple steps in order to get my skin looking glowing and healthy once again. I am only 21, so I don't really want to be having to use a gazillion thick creams on my 'young' skin, so employing tactics such as changing my diet, drinking more water and taking some time out here and there to manage my stress-levels is going to be my alternative. With exams in full swing, despite my efforts I have had outbreaks of dryness and spots (which I rarely get), so I'm bringing in a new friend to help give my skin that little boost it desperately needs at the moment....Help: Clear Skin.

Help: Clear Skin, a product from the brand Works With Water, is part of a small range of  natural supplements to help give your skin that extra little push to becoming perfect. I've never really taken any supplements before, so am a bit dubious as to how these sachets can help clear up my skin in just a month. Within the range, there is also a men's Help: Clear Skin supplement and Help: Beautify Skin (aimed at bringing a youthful glow to ageing skin). The formula itself contains pravENAC, a soluble formula with bioactive protein which is rich in zinc gluconate, aloe vera and natural lactoferrin. Zinc, a mineral with many benefits and often used to help wounds or immune systems, is well-known for helping acne as it regulates the oil glands in your skin and also helps ease redness or inflammation. Aloe vera, a favourite of the ancient Egyptians, contains wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and certain moisturising properties, while lactorferrin (found naturally in tears and saliva!) again helps soothe inflammation and prevents outbreaks by stopping the growth of new propionbacterium (the bacteria which causes spots and blemishes). This combination has been designed to ease any redness, blemishes and spots, and the formula is a favourite with those who suffer from acne.

You basically receive a small box containing 28 sachets of a powder, soluble formula which you add to any liquid (hot or cold) or soft food, so if you're someone who enjoys porridge for breakfast or a mid-morning cup of tea, the formula is easily dissolved and stirred into either. In theory, it's super-easy to incorporate into your daily routine, but after trying for the past 4/5 days, I often find myself forgetting....I'm going to start placing the sachets right next to my kettle so I remember to add them to my coffee! The best thing about these is that there is no lumps or obvious taste at all, so you won't even realise a sachet is in your favourite drink. Taking one sachet per day (28 days in total), I will be giving this formula a go for the next month. I will be reporting back with results once those 28 days are up to let you know whether this product has really helped give my skin that little boost it needs during this stressful exam period!

Have you tried Help: Clear Skin? Do you have any supplement secrets for giving your skin a little extra encouragement?

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  1. I am not ready to commit to a serious skincare regime either, and only tend to use the minimum I need so this sounds like something I would definitely be up for trying, I wouldn't have known about it if it wasn't for your blog post xxx

    1. I feel like it's going to become easy to incorporate into my morning routine...I'll let you know it it makes a difference to my skin! xxx


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