The Best False Eyelash Glue For Hair Loss Sufferers

It goes without saying that I am a bit obsessed with false eyelashes. I have been wearing them for about 5 or 6 years (basically since I realised I could get away with them at school) and have been on a long and often fruitful journey to find the perfect pair ever since. With so many designs to choose from, life becomes a little easier for those who suffer from hair loss; instead of putting up with baldness, you can stick on a pair of natural-looking false eyelashes and, a lot of the time, people won't even be able to tell that they are not yours. However, it's all well finding a good, natural design to pass off as your own (you can read a few of my favourites in this post here), but if the glue isn't strong enough to hold them down onto bald eyelids, the moment of finding your perfect pair is ruined.

For a long time I swore by the glue which comes with Kiss false eyelashes, and whenever I bought any new sets from different brands, I always glued them on using Kiss glue. Nothing matched up to it. That was until mid-last year when I had discovered that Eylure had given themselves a little makeover. While Eylure was some of the first glue I ever used, I never found it to be particularly durable, especially when I need false lashes to stick to bare lids (or patchy lashes) without any fear of them coming loose throughout the day. The new 'better-than-ever' glue, reformulated alongside the packaging redesign, confirms Eylure's status as the original false eyelash giants. They are back on top.

The little tube which the glue comes in still looks the same, but the formula has become surprisingly incredible. A slick of this glue on the lashes, then dotted along your own lash line, keeps a pair of false lashes in place all day. I mean it. I've endured rain, seafront winds and busy 9 hour shifts in retail on a Saturday and have never had to worry about my false eyelashes falling off my face. There are no signs of peeling on the inner/outer corners (unless I have stuck them on funny, in which case, my fault), no heaviness, no coming unglued after a few hours....this glue really is the dog's whatsits. While I have kept my Kiss glue as a back-up (in case I lose my Eylure one), the word 'back-up' says a lot...Eylure has become my number 1. So if you suffer from hair loss with your eyelashes, or are just a fan of falsies, definitely pick an Eylure pair just so you can try the glue. I've never known one to work so well on bald eyelids.

Have you found a glue which also works well? Do you like the new Eylure design and formula?

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  1. I totally agree, their glue used to be rubbish and couldn't even stay on but I used some over Halloween and it has definitely improved a lot! xx


    1. I'm so glad they've changed it as I love their lashes xxx

  2. What were the tips and guideline Sophie. Loved to read this blog... I really like your writing style and how you express your ideas. Thank you.


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