OPI Trend On Ten: The Classic Nail Varnish Essentials

I love nail varnishes nearly as much as I love cake (ie. quite a bit). This blog even started out as a site dedicated to all things nail art! While the world of nail art has died down quite a lot since its heyday a couple of years ago, it's still amazing how nail varnish can be used to complete, transform or co-ordinate an outfit. It's essentially an accessory in itself. Nowadays, there are a range of brands offering every colour imaginable to paint your nails with. But, despite all this, it's the simple, classic shades that we end up running back to, isn't it?

OPI trend on ten nail varnishes review

The OPI Trend On Ten set has these classic shades down like no other. I gratefully received the set as a birthday present from my dogs (they went on the bus and bought it themselves...apparently); they have been the only nail varnishes on my nails since and probably will be into the near future. Regardless of seasonal trends and artistic fads, these colours are essentials in everyone's nail varnish collection.

opi trend on ten set

opi trend on ten classic red

opi trend on ten coral

From peachy nudes (ooh er), to bright corals and forever-classy reds, these are the only nail varnishes you will ever need. They will see you through any season and will pair seamlessly with any outfit, and what's better is that all of these staple shades come in the same set. While it does feature mini nail varnishes, the quality of the OPI formula means that less is needed to reach full colour opacity, consequently allowing you to get the most out of these little bottles.

opi trend on ten nude pink

opi trend on ten polishes

You can easily get away with one coat of these polishes, but I do prefer a second layer just to even the base colour up and create a neater finish. These really are top quality products that will become a staple of your nail varnish collection, and I would recommend them to anyone looking to invest in a range of classic, essential shades.

opi trend on ten review

OPI trend on ten swatches

Do you prefer wearing these classic nail varnish shades?



  1. I love O.P.I nail varnishes, in fact I've built up quite a collection. I actually have the Alpine Snow shade and I love it, I think white is a nice 'stand out' shade, which goes with everything. I previously had the Big Red Apple shade too but I think I loved that one a bit too much as I ran out pretty quickly. You can't go wrong with a classic bright red! I may have to try out a few more of these shades too! =D

    Samio x

    1. I love white nail varnishes, especially in the summer with a bit of a tan xx

  2. OMG what a fab set I definitely need this in my life, my OPI collection has depleted to only about two now I think so what a great way to start collecting again xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Would definitely recommend it- such a fab set of classy colours xxx


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