Amazing AND Affordable: Barry M's Glitterati Nail Varnish Range

Who doesn't love having a bit of glitter and sparkle in their lives?! Barry M is a make-up brand that has a reputation of being cheap and cheerful, offering a range of decent quality products for a lower price than a Starbucks coffee. Despite the popularity of their contour kits and lipsticks, it is the HUGE range of nail varnishes for which ol' Barry is most famous for. They were always the first high-street brand to release the latest nail art trend, capitalising on the growing demand for 'effect' nail varnishes. Still as popular as a few years ago, the brand remains innovative and these Glitterati polishes are just another drop in Barry M's ocean of swoon-worthiness.

Released towards the end of 2014, these delicious nail varnishes are designed to "keep you sparkling from dusk 'til dawn", adding a bit of glitz and glamour to your look. All 6 shades are absolutely gorgeous, consisting of pink, red, purple and a few shades of blue, and would sit well over a variety of different base colours.

While you could use them on their own (provided you use a lick of clear varnish underneath), I personally find they look best used over a bold colour either on each nail or as a statement nail. I usually struggle with glitter varnishes, opting not to use them that often as a result, finding that the glitter is never evenly distributed across the nail when applied. With these Glitterati polishes, there is no awkwardly dabbing bits of glitter in sparse areas with the tip of the brush. Just one coat of these polishes is enough to cover the nail with a gorgeous shimmery effect.

The glitter is well concentrated and evenly spread across the nail better than any other glitter polish I've tried. I am incredibly impressed with the quality of these nail varnishes- while some nail effects may seem gimmicky, these actually do a superb job. They dry really quickly, provide a stunning sheen, shiny look, and only cost £4 each! They're an amazing and affordable way of injecting a bit of sparkle into your everyday life. I'm wearing the red 'Starlet' shade over OPI's 'Cajun Shrimp'.

What do you think of nail effects? Are the fabulous or just a fad?



  1. These are really cool! I think I prefer the Barry M mermaid range but I like the red in this :) xx

    1. I haven't tried the mermaid range but they look incredible! xx

  2. These are amazing polishes and I do like them, but they are a nightmare to remove even with the foil method lol! :-)

    1. I found that Primark nail varnish remover pots are fab for getting rid of glitter polishes like these!


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