Clearista Retexturising Gel: The Daily Exfoliant For Smoother, Glowing Skin

Who doesn't dream of having perfectly clear, smooth, radiant skin? While some are naturally blessed with the skin of our dreams, most of us have to work hard and carefully select the products we put onto our face to make sure in order to get the same results. Managing a good skincare routine is key in achieving perfect skin. From cleansing and toning, to exfoliating and moisturising, each step provides essential benefits which help reduce the appearance of ageing, leave your skin blemish-free and aid the application of make-up. Looking after your skin is incredibly important; people often forget that it needs to be cared for like any other organ in your body. Clearista have devised this wonderful Retexturing Gel to help you on your way to beautiful skin.

clearista retexturising gel review

Essentially an exfoliating gel, this product can be used up to twice a day after cleansing to buff away any grime and dead skin cells which block pores and create that uneven, bumpy surface. While it can be used often and can fit seamlessly into your daily skincare routine, I find that two or three times a week is the perfect amount of exfoliation for my skin. As I suffer from dryness, I have found that this gel actually helped remove that flakey feeling almost immediately, leaving my skin in perfect condition for foundation application.

Their use of Targeted Corrective Exfoliation (TCX) helps your skin's natural exfoliation process, just giving it a nudge in the right direction. The tiny beads don't feel harsh or scratchy on your face; you are left with a gentle exfoliation with added after-benefits of hydration for that extra smoothness. If you're conscious about what you put on your skin, this product is free of parabens and artificial fragrances, and has gone out of its way to avoid any harsh irritants. For an exfoliant, it really is a gentle product which leaves you with immediate results.

Exfoliation is a fab way to lift any dirt and dead skin cells or reduce the appearance of bumpy skin and discolouration, and this Clearista Retexurising Gel is truly ace. Integrate it into your skincare routine for glowing results!

clearista retexturising gel dry skin

Which facial exfoliants are you loving at the moment?

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