How To Find The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

With summer well and truly here (yes, despite the drizzle it is the end of July), the holidays are booked, the swimwear is coming out and those stylish sunnies are being donned. Not only are sunglasses vital to protect your peepers from harmful UV rays, the versatile accessories can also make a mahoosive fashion statement. Trying on sunglasses can be a pain in the backside, as you try your best pout with hundreds before deciding on the perfect pair that complements your face beautifully. Well, I've teamed up with SmartBuyGlasses to make that process a little easier, breaking down in simple terms how to find the best pair of sunnies to suit your particular face shape. Hoorah!

sunglasses to suit each face shape


Those who fall into the 'square' category tend to have bold features and a strong, angular jawline. Luckily, most sunglasses tend to suit this face shape. To counteract your strong angles, opt for a pair of sunglasses with curvier, more rounded frames. Oval, cat, butterfly and aviator shapes are perfect for softening your face; you pretty much have all the choice in the world!


If, like me, you have more of a heart-shaped face, you're a bit more limited in sunglasses choice. A heart shaped is typically defined by a wider forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow chin and jawline (see Reese Witherspoon as a perfect example). While we can get away with more rectangular frames (provided they don't drown out our face), the perfect pair will have a cat-eye shape. These Alexander McQueen glasses epitomise this shape; not only is it a classic look, but the cat shape draws your face upwards and outwards to balance out your features.

alexander mcqueen smartbuyglasses
The cat-eye is perfect for heart-shaped faces


A rounder face calls for some angular frames to counteract the curves. Your jawline and cheekbones will be less defined, meaning some square or rectangular sunglasses will work wonders for elongating your face and making your features look that little bit sharper. That classic Rayban shape would suit you perfectly.


Luckily for you oval-faced peeps, you have no restrictions whatsoever! Your features are perfectly balanced anyway, so you don't need to carefully select your frame to counteract any roundness or angularity. Take your pick from all the wonderful sunglasses out there, I'm not jealous at all....


An oblong shape is usually a bit longer than the shapes stated, and can feature either a round or more square jawline (Glee-star Lea Michele is a great example). For this shape, picking an oval shaped pair of sunglasses or some oversized beauties (chanelling WAG-fever circa 2006) will help re-proportion your face. Select anything from aviators or big, bold square frames to make your face look smaller and thinner.

If you're having trouble finding these particular sunglasses shapes, don't fret. It may seem like a load of fashion jargon with all these butterflies, cats and aviators, but it's easier to navigate than you'd think. When buying sunglasses online, sites like SmartBuyGlasses have ways to narrow down your search in the sidebar, meaning you just tick the shapes that are right for you and all your perfect matches show up. To make extra sure that your ideal pair of sunnies are going to suit you, SmartBuyGlasses even have this AMAZING virtual try-on system unlike any other I've tried before. Using your webcam, the glasses appear on your face in a real-time, 360 view; I've spent far too long than I wish to disclose playing around with this feature!

smartbuyglasses sunglasses shapes

Hope this has made your task of summer holiday shopping a little easier! Which sunglasses shape do you always go for?

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of SmartBuyGlasses, however all opinions are my own. And honestly, that virtual try-on is such a hoot. 

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