Model Co Volumeyes: My New Favourite All-Round Mascara

After having a little trichotillomania splurge a couple of months ago, my eyelashes have finally grown back (YEY!). As I'm sure any other sufferer will know, when you have that glorious feeling of lashes again, you immediately run to your mascara stash and start coating your lashes with oodles of the product...just because you can. As such, I've now had the chance to try out all the fully-sealed mascaras I've accumulated and put them to the test. During this exciting process of perfecting my newly-found flutter, I discovered this Model Co mascara which I picked up as a freebie with Glamour magazine. Despite getting to grips with old favourites such as Roller Lash and Maybelline's Lash Sensational, Model Co's Volumeyes has crept its way up to the number one spot.

model co volumeyes mascara review

I think the fact that it's a sample helps my love for it; the dinkier size makes it even easier to get the brush to the root of my little lashes and gives me more control over how I coat them. Regardless, it's a fantastic mascara. I don't normally get on with these chunkier wands, but the tiny bristles on the end of each larger bristle really helps to fan your lashes out, ensuring that every single lash is coated. For someone with small, thin and sparse lashes, this is exactly what I need. With trichotillomania, every lash counts, so to see a mascara which truly makes the most of this is fantastic.

model co volumeyes review

It separates lashes perfectly, and the fast-drying formula can be built up in no time at all without clumping to add to this full-fluttered, volumised effect. While it doesn't add tons to the length, it certainly makes your lash line look fuller. It's anti-clumping formula helps you to achieve a really natural, volumised look; this is a fabulous mascara for everyday wear or more natural make-up styles. At £16 it certainly isn't cheap for a mascara, but it's one that has really boosted my lacklustre lashes like no other mascara I own. It's like Roller Lash, but for volume rather than length. Top notch.

model co volumeyes glamour magazine

Did you get this mascara with Glamour too? What did you think of it?

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