MUA Sweet Sheen: The £2 Tinted Lip Balm That's As Good As It's Pricier Rivals

For me, tinted lip balms are just perfect for summer. Instead of wearing a heavy lipstick or sticky gloss, wacking on a bit of tinted balm when you're out and about is an absolute lifesaver. It requires minimal effort, is incredibly low maintenance, but produces just the right amount of colour you need to make an impact. There are tonnes of tinted lip balms out there, from high-end Benefit and Bare Minerals, to much more affordable Max Factor, but finding one which gives you a vaguely strong colour for a decent amount of time is actually quite difficult. While the brands mentioned above all have fab lip balms, not everyone can afford their relatively hefty pricetag. This is where MUA steps in with a fantastic dupe for only £2...

mua sweet sheen tinted lip balm review

This wonder balm glides gorgeously onto your lips to leave them coated in a slick of bold colour. Although you may need to go over your lips a couple of times, the color pay-off is amazing for such a budget product. You would think some aspect would need to be compromised for that low a price, but this balm is actually really hydrating too. It does absorb relatively quickly (having a texture that's a little thicker than Vaseline, but without the drying qualities), meaning you would have to re-apply every hour or so, but for a subtle pop of colour throughout the day, this isn't too bad.

I am so surprised at how great the pigmentation of these little balms are, and for a couple of quid you really can't go wrong. I'm not too keen on the colour selection as they tend to sit on the light side, rather than some nice darker berry or red tones, but the bold pink shade (Cherry Bomb) I picked up is utterly gorgeous. They are perfect products to try out over the summer, and really take the effort out of lip colour. A great quality lip balm which is cheaper than a frappucino!

mua sweet sheen tinted lip balm cherry bomb

Which MUA products are you loving? Have you found any bargain beauty buys recently?

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  1. I love these! I have a couple of them in purpley-pink and peach/ coral shades. I did a post about them a while back :-) Em x

    1. Loved your review and glad I went for one of the darker colours...they seem to have better pigmentation xx


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