Superdrug Tea Tree Range: The Budget Spot-Busters For A Clearer Complexion

There are few products, whether make-up or skincare, that I have stuck by from day one. From my very first discovery of make-up and realisation that my skin needs to be looked after, I have always hunted out new, exciting products that'll change my life once and for all. I can count on one hand the products that I have used since the start and have a very special relationship with them; they're the ones that have been there amongst your beauty collection every step of the way. One range of products (and one specific product in particular) is the Superdrug Tea Tree range. They are a great, budget skincare alternative that I'm sure will become a staple in your beauty routine too.

superdrug tea tree spot stick review

Not only are these wonder-products totally affordable, but actually do the job assigned to them (hence why they have never left my beauty side). My hands-down favourite product of the entire range has to be the Tea Tree Spot Stick. This little green tube of tea tree gel helps to sooth skin flare-ups, ease redness and tackle blemishes as soon as they appear. With added peppermint oil, this little product has quite a strong scent which I'm sure some may find overwhelming, but personally, I find it incredibly soothing and tingly on my skin and think the fragrance is gorgeously refreshing.

When a spot first appears (whether just a little one or one of those humdingers which make your face ache as they start planning to take over your face), swipe over a little dab of this gel both morning and night, and watch as the blemish starts to go down overnight. It doesn't make it go away completely, but it definitely helps reduce the appearance of any spots or redness. Using a product like this will not only help you achieve a clearer complexion, but is so easy to incorporate into your skincare routine, especially if you are prone to outbreaks.

While I will always adore this product, I have tried out other bits and bobs from the range which are equally great. I also love this Tea Tree Blended Oil; the anti-bacterial properties helps to naturally achieve clearer skin and tackle those pesky spots. Simply dab a bit onto a cotton pad and apply to the clean, dry problem area. While I don't quite love this as much as the Spot Stick (it's a bit more of a faff to use and I'm all about ease of application), it proves that the range is full of treatments that will suit your specific skincare needs. From exfoliating scrubs, to face washes and essential oils, Superdrug's Tea Tree range is a cheap, reliable way to keep your skin looking fab! Each product mentioned costs £3.29 but are currently on a 2 for £4 offer in Superdrug.

Have you tried this range? Which products do you turn to to tackle blemishes?

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  1. Which of them work fastest??

  2. Thank you so much, am definitely going to buy that

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