SWATCHES: Barry M Cor Balmy

I must admit, I was desperate to try out Barry M's new Cor Balmy range after seeing gazillions of bloggers post about them. Many other brands have attempted to release tinted lip balms with (in my opinion) little success. The products themselves look like they promise a huge punch of colour from the outside, but when applied, the moisture element takes over and the tint is left behind. However, these Barry M balms are something else, and I was left really impressed by the budget brand.

The packaging to these balms are super-cute, and while the corny, catchy name might grate on some, I personally love it and think it projects oodles of fun. I love the design of these; you get a glimpse of the colour surrounding the core moisturising balm inside, and remind me quite a lot of moisturising lipsticks such as these Estee Lauder goodies.

Out of the five shades available, I picked up Rosie Lea- a gorgeous medium pink. I also really liked the look of the darker Current Bun, especially going into Autumn Winter, but decided to opt for one with more everyday wear potential.

Enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter, these balms do a really great job at nourishing your lips just as well as well known brands such as Vaseline do. This is quite a feat for Barry M, for whom I wouldn't say lip care is a outstanding speciality.

This is a great little balm to have, particularly coming up to the colder Winter months when you skin starts to dry and your lips start to get horribly chapped. Not only does it moisturise fantastically, but also adds that hint of colour to set it aside from the more basic, boring balms. While I wouldn't say the colour is as strong as a lipstick of sorts, it provides a nice subtle hint that makes them easy to wear and means you don't have to be constantly topping up the colour.

Overall, I would say these are well worth the £3.49 pricetag and stand out from the rest of the market by actually keeping the product's promise of adding a nice dash of colour. I'm looking forward to adding a couple more shades to my ever-increasing collection of lip products!

Do you think Barry M have cornered the tinted balm market with Cor Balmy?



  1. Looks great! I actually think I prefer the look of these to the baby lips which weren't my fave! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Haven't tried these yet but they look good! I'm happy that so many companies are coming out with tinted lip balms...they're so easy and comfortable to wear and I don't have to miss out on a bright lip. :)

    x Sneha |

    1. Definitely! And good quality tinted lip balms at last! X

  3. Oh wow these look gorgeous and a fab price, I haven't tried anything like this before but might have to add this to my list xx


    1. The range of shades available is fab too xxx

  4. Wow these look good :) I should try these :) xxx

  5. Ooh, I want to try these! Great post :)


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