Estee Lauder Sensuous Rouge

I've been on a quest lately to find a lipstick that is not only nourishing and glossy to apply, but that also stays on my lips without spreading to the edges within ten minutes. It's a tough challenge, especially when you're limited to a high street budget, so I searched a bit further and found these lovelies in the Estee Lauder section. They are part of the Pure Color Sensuous Rouge range which was released last year - I have shades 14 Curvaceous Coral and 10 Orchid surrender.

Left: Orchid Surrender, Right: Curvaceous Coral

As you can see, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. The different colour casing given to each shade of the lipsticks, combined with the elegant gold and intricate brand logo seeming to hold the two sections together gives the lippies such a chic and expensive feel. They are by far the most elegant looking lipsticks I own!

The actual colours are rich and sophisticated, and as the shades range from bright corals to subtle nudes, can easily be worn by all ages. The 'Curvaceous Coral' is a bright orangey-red that, although I didn't think it would, works well with my skin tone, whereas the 'Orchid Surrender' has more brownish-pink tones to it and a lovely hint of shimmer. I'm not so keen on the colour of the latter- it's too dark for me to wear and I much prefer the brighter, more summery tones.

Above: Curvaceous Coral, Below: Orchid Surrender
 Unlike other ranges, this lipstick has been created with a double-function design- the outer part of the lipstick holds the rich colour, while the core (you have to look quite closely to see it) holds the moisturising part of the colour to nourish you lips. I think this is such a clever idea, although the outer part is quite moisturising on it's own, as I've come across countless lipsticks that just don't give that moisture, often leaving me to reach for the lip balm to dab over the top.

Orchid Surrender

This nourishing effect really helps the lipstick to glide on- it's creamy and feels soft and silky on your lips, sitting nicely in place at first. The people at Estee Lauder claim: "So addictive, your lips will crave more. The only lipstick with indulgent creamy color wrapped around a luscious soft centre. Caresses your lips with a moisture-rich, lip-loving elixir for a double infusion of delicious color. Lips have never felt this sensuous." Although this little blurb is a little, well, actually very much ,OTT on the sensuous buzz-word front to keep with the feel of the range, I take my metaphorical hat off to the team- the quality of this super-glossy, sleek moisturising effect is top notch, and I'm yet to find another lipstick that beats it.

Curvaceous Coral

Talking of keeping with the sensuous theme, I kind of like the effort they've made in naming their lipsticks, such as 'Enticing Fuchsia' and 'Pink Seduction', although it does seem a *little* bit cheesy. At £21 each, it ain't cheap for a lipstick, but if it's shine, moisture and a glossy texture you want in a lipstick, or even gorgeous hues of red, then I'd say it's worth it. However, for this price I would expect the lipstick to last longer on the lips- I have to keep re-applying which not only is a faff, but would quickly use up such an expensive lippy.

Priced at £21, these lipsticks are available from stores like Boots, Debenhams or House of Fraser.

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