Winging It: Four Best High-Street Eyeliners For The Perfect Cat Flick

It's that timeless look that exudes chic, but one of the most difficult make-up skills to master. Winged liner takes a lot of practise, but when you get it right can bring together a whole beauty look with a simple flick. To make the classic look far easier to conquer, I've picked out my top 4 best liquid and gel liners which will get you looking fantastically feline in a flash.

1. Maybelline Master Graphic (£5.99)

While the Maybelline Master Graphic admittedly doesn't have the strongest of colours, just look at the nib on this one. It's slanted to perfection, meaning minimal effort is needed to get the most spot-on, precise winged liner. Not a dodgy, uneven line in sight. Although the pen is quite chunky, this one is great for getting the initial outline done and dusted, leaving room for perhaps a darker gel liner to fill in the gaps. This is fab for those who struggle with getting those flicks even.

2. Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner (£2.99)

This is the holy grail of all liquid eyeliners- both high end and budget. I've tried more expensive liners but keep coming back to this bank balance friendly beauty. The formula isn't too runny or watery, and the jet black colour seriously rivals its pricier counterparts. What sets it apart from these others is that it's not a pen- it's almost like a small (but precise) brush. Old school. I must admit this probably would suit those more accustomed to winged liner, otherwise it does get tricky to even your cat flicks up. It's a fast-drying formula, but the pricetag starts to show when it crumbles after a few hours' wear. Still one of the best around though.

3. Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner (£18.50)

I know I've moaned a lot about this liner in the past, but I must admit it is top notch for creating the perfect cat flick. In fact, it is probably the best out of this bunch. The gel formula "hugs" your lash line and creates an intense black eyeliner look that has barely been rivalled by any other liner I've tried. The slanted nib makes those precise lines even easier to achieve- not a wonky flick in sight- and the rubber material makes for some sturdy application. The gel barely transfers, although has a tendency to flake and crumble, making it one of the best for those who are a fan of the winged liner look. The only thing is, it's the priciest out of all my chosen liners, and I'm not quite sure if that money is justifiable.

4. Rimmel Scandaleyes Liquid Eyeliner (£5.49)
This black eyeliner is a great one for beginners, as it can be used to create a range of eye make-up looks. Featuring a pin-point precision nib, this Rimmel pen allows you to get right into the lash line and ensure you have a solid dark line. The gently slanted pen eases the creation of subtle flicks, while the eyeliner itself is the perfect size to retain full control over how you draw that line. The only draw-back is the formula could be darker- it tends to have a watered-down consistency.

Have you discovered your perfect cat flick eyeliner?



  1. I really like the collection eye liners! They are such good quality of the price. I need to pick up some more - want to try that Maybelline one as I love the nib x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. The nib on the maybelline on is so handy but it's probably the worst quality out of these 4. Collection are great for eyeliners...who knew?! X

  2. Maybelline master graphic sounds amazing, I do a cat eye everyday and try so many different products but that's one I haven't seen before, shame the quality isn't as good as the can never win haha - thanks for sharing lovely xxx


    1. I know right?! The perfect eyeliner will arrive one day... Xxx

  3. My first every liquid eyeliner was Fast Strokes!!!! It's good stuff. Have you tried the eyeliner in Primark. It's not too bad for like £1.50!

    1. No but thanks for the heads up! Will definitely check it out xx


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