Over-Hyped Products #2: Benefit They're Real Push-Up Eyeliner

The Benefit They're Real Push-Up eyeliner has to be one of the most hyped up beauty launches of recent times. After their They're Real mascara was a smash-hit with pretty much all make-up enthusiasts (including myself), people everywhere were practically peeing their pants with excitement over the introduction of this revolutionary eyeliner to the beauty market. The first samples were sent out, and bloggers bowed down to the little liner, claiming it was the best thing since sliced bread and that you really needed to go out and buy it for yourself. I personally think we need to bring these reviews down to earth a little.

As you might have read, I got a half-sample of the They're Real liner in the Benefit Real Steal bundle (along with the mascara and make-up remover). I was excited and intrigued to try it, given the presence of so many contradictory things being said about it online. For some, it was a miracle product that would change the way you put eyeliner on forever, for others, it was an over-hyped, over-priced disappointment.

For me, this eyeliner was disappointing. But it must be remembered that it seemed a disappointment because we were being told by bloggers we trust and invest in that it would change our lives. Obviously, some might have genuinely loved the product, and I do not wish to condemn everyone who loved it and imply that they are never to be trusted. That's just not true at all. But there is a level of responsibility to be totally honest about a product- to recognise its flaws as well as its positives. The priority is the respect of your readers, and not the upkeep of your relationship with brands.

Like I have said before, many products such as this liner seem to be a let-down simply because of the hype generated around it. If it were not for the overbearing marketing and all-singing reviews which plastered the blogosphere, this eyeliner may not have seemed as bad as many perceive it to be. Of course, it has its strengths, but it's not as great as it seems.

The actual idea and design of this eyeliner is amazing. I love the rubber nib which theoretically aids application, and the slanted design makes it so easy to apply and create cat flicks like no other eyeliner I know. The formula is jet black and would make any eye colour instantly pop. This stuff is also as stubborn as hell, meaning that while it's a nightmare to remove, you know that it's not going to transfer at all unlike many other gel liners.

But, while it's all fun and games in theory, I just don't think Benefit have got the formula right, and at the end of the day, this is the part which matters the most. The gel dries in a flash, meaning you have no real chance to get it spot on, create the thickness you want it, or even up your wings if necessary. It doesn't build up, and when you try to, the dried formula underneath just crumbles and flakes off (usually into your eye, thus temporarily blinding you. Yay.)

What I have heard most about the They're Real Push-Up liner, is the well-known beauty term 'nib blobbage'.* You end up wasting half of the product because it dries and clogs up the nib, resulting in endless wiping away of blobby Benefit gel in order to get it to work properly.
*OK, I might've made that phrase up.

Evidence of 'Nib Blobbage'

Overall, if I didn't receive this in the bundle, I wouldn't have bothered wasting an eye-watering £18.50 on it. It's an innovative and bold creation but it just hasn't totally paid off, which is a shame seeing as the mascara was so great. So, maybe take all those raving reviews with a pinch of beauty salt, because this is one product that has been ridiculously over-hyped.

What did you think of this "ground-breaking" release?


  1. THANK. YOU. Finally!! I bought it and didn't get sent it but never got round to reviewing because it went in my bin, a little over the top and stupid but it just doesn't work for me- I alwayyyyss write the bad about a product even when I really like a brand it's just not fair to your readers especially if they will waste money! xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Definitely- even the best product will have some kind of flaw and this might be really important to a reader! Xxx

  2. Ugh, right??? When this was first released, I swear this was the focus of half the posts on my blog feed (UHM, THANKS, PRESS SAMPLES). Of course, I really don't buy into the hype of anything (....OR SO I'D LIKE TO THINK), but theoretically, it did sound like a pretty innovative eyeliner. I didn't even think about the nib clotting, but yeah, great idea, not-so-great execution.

    1. Exactly! The mass amount of coverage saying it was fab definitely made me think, 'ooh I need to buy this'. I didn't.

  3. I've also heard mixed things about this liner! I think for that price I'll remain away from it. I've heard it's sort of waxy? & flakes, like you say

    Style Sunrise☀


    1. Yeah, it's kind of like a gel eyeliner gone wrong. Great design though x

  4. Totally agree,I received this with a copy of the ELLE magazine and I absolutely hate it.Dries up so quickly and hard to apply.So disappointed.



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