Lancome Advanced Genefique: The Anti-Ageing Miracle?

You only have to sift through a few adverts to realise that the major selling point in the beauty industry at the moment is the idea of uncovering the secret to youthful looking skin. Before this review spirals into a debate on what the eff 'youthful skin' actually means and the problems of assuming that all 'youthful' people have flawless skin, I'm going to focus on the notion of 'radiance'.

Lancome's very technical development of the new advanced genefique "youth activating concentrate" is designed to sit underneath your daily moisturiser and give you a radiant glow (or 'added sparkle', as I would prefer). The water-based formula is so thin that it immediately soaks into your skin, and because it is so runny, you only need to use it sparingly.

Lancome insist on using the latest gene technology in their products, and while I don't understand all the science, they seem to mean business. I always just assume the science aspect is a marketing ploy to make products seem more professional, but either way, I did find this serum lovely to use.

Because of the watery texture, it feels so light on your skin and adds a cooling, refreshing element to your skincare routine. While its benefits aren't immediately apparent, after a few weeks of using it I did notice my skin having more of a 'natural glow'.

The brainiacs at Lancome claim that the Advanced Genefique serum is suitable for use on any skin type, and I can vouch for it not having any drying qualities at all. Being 20 and not really needing any anti-ageing products, combined with the fact that I have fairly good skin, I was sure this would have no effect on me. While I was proved wrong, the results were by no means spectacular enough to warrant spending a whopping £59 on.

What are your thoughts on this best-seller?


  1. Woah, £59 is a lot for slightly glowier skin! Soap & Glory Be Youthful Serum has really brightened my skin, and only costs £16 :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. Ooh I might try that one out! Yeah, it's a ridiculous price!


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