Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

You may have seen me tweeting my love for this product a while back, and my views have not changed much since. The women in my family love Liz Earle skincare products; my Nan has flawless skin and she puts it down regular use of her vast collection of Liz Earle lotions and potions. From cleansers to toners and tinted moisturisers, she's tried it all, yet one her all-time favourites remains the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth cleanser.

She received this free sample with her latest order, and shared the Liz Earle love by kindly giving it to me to try. I have previously tried the No7 hot cloth cleanser, but I didn't notice much change to my skin; it wasn't bad but it also wasn't marvellous. I regularly use Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion, and while it does the job, it doesn't totally prevent regular breakouts or leave my skin looking in tip top condition.

The Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser comes with a beautifully delicate muslin cloth and little 30ml bottle of the cream cleanser. You simply evenly massage the cream cleanser into your skin in circular motions, really getting into the places you usually get spots, like the T Zone. Rinse the cloth under some lukewarm water, then ring it out; you want the cloth damp, not soaking wet. Use the cloth to take off any makeup and gently remove the cleanser. Splash your face with a bit of warm water just to get any excess off, then gently pat dry.

I noticed a huge difference in my skin after the first use. It takes any make-up off with ease, and you can really notice a deep clean without the cleanser or cloth being too harsh on your skin. It's gentle, effective and leaves your skin with a beautiful glow. I didn't have a single spot for about a week since using this; my skin was so clear, soft and radiant. I was truly impressed...until it seemed to stop having an effect.

I know there isn't such thing as your skin getting used to a skincare product- it doesn't simply stop doing it's job- but it did feel as though my skin wasn't reacting to it as well by the third week. It started having the effect of my regular Clean & Clear cleanser, just without the strong smelling chemicals.

However, I will judge this product on the first couple of weeks, in which case, it was incredible. As I'm running out of my sample I'm trying to savour it by only using it now and again, but when I do, my skin is the best it's ever been. I really do love this cleanser; it's an award-winning product that definitely does produce cracking results. I can see it being perfect for more sensitive skin as it is so gentle and soothing, especially with it's eucalyptus scent.

The 100ml pump starter kit costs £14.75, or the 30ml with a muslin cloth costs £5.50, so if you did want to give it a trial run it's not too expensive.

Did Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser work for you?


  1. I NEED to try this, after all the hype I am stil behind I need to jump on the bandwagon xxx

    1. I thought it'd be one of those overhyped products but I really do love it :) xxx

  2. It's such a classic and I used it, but I still prefer cleansing oils/Bioderma routine. ;)

    1. It is a very safe, reliable skincare option!

  3. I've been told by many that Liz Earle is really good. I don't want to jump around a try a lot of different things with sensitive skin, so it's good to read reviews like this!


    1. I find it very gentle on the skin- maybe it is worth trying a sample first to see if it suits you?


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