Top Tips: Applying False Lashes

Due to my disorder, I've been wearing false eyelashes daily since I started studying for my GCSEs. Trimming them, applying them and making them stay put has simply become part of my everyday make-up routine. Although it's second nature, the process doesn't always go swimmingly. They can be tricky buggers to keep in place, or even to put on in the first place! Over the years, I may have picked up a few tricks that could help your experience of putting those fiddly lashes on. It's easier than you think! Here are my 10 top tips:

1. Cut the lashes into halves or thirds. This way you can place each part exactly where you want them, and you're not having to fight with a long lash strip!

2. Each set may not necessarily come with a good glue. Getting a good glue is key to keeping the lashes in place all day and night. It's all trial and error to find your own favourite. My top picks are Eylure, Primark and Kiss glue. (You can buy a pot of Eylure glue separate from the lashes). 

3. Bend the ends of the lashes lightly so that it makes a loose semi-circle shape. This helps to mimic the curve of your lash line and eases the falsies straight on.

4. When it comes to sticking them on, start with the ends. Many say stick the middle down first but I have always found ends-first makes for longer-lasting results. I start with the inner corner, then outer corner, before pressing down the middle. 

5. Look into the mirror with your head straight forwards, not looking down. This way you can see exactly what they'll look like on, and will avoid you sticking them far from your lash line. 

6. The glue, while might be coloured when wet, should dry clear. If in doubt, slick a bit of eyeliner over the false lash strip line for a seamless look. 

7. Do your eyeshadow first! If you do it afterwards, you run the risk of the powder clinging to any excess glue on the lid.

8. If your false lashes aren't exactly on your lash line, fill in any gaps with a bit of eyeliner. I find gel or liquid works the best. 

9. If your first attempt doesn't work, take them off, reapply some glue, and try again. Practise makes perfect after all! 

10. Keep your glue with you. If a part of the false lashes pings off while you're out, reapply a bit of glue just to that section and secure it back down. 

I hope this helps you to create your perfect fluttery look!

Do you have any false lash top tips?


  1. SO helpful cutting them is definitely a necessity I am horrendous at applying lashes so helpful tips xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Thank you! Cutting them in half definitely works wonders! xxx


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