Collection 2000 Gel Eyeliner

Having tried, loved, and then lost my Maybelline black gel eyeliner, I was desperate to try another one. My usual make-up routine consists of subtly winged liquid eyeliner, and when I'm feeling lazy, a little bit of kohl does the trick. However, I often find liquid eyeliner wings flake away, while kohl is far too easy to smudge off for my liking. I picked up this Collection 2000 Lasting Colour gel liner as part of a 3 for 2 offer in Boots recently, and it has since revolutionised my eye make-up routine.

The bashed up Collection 2000 box

I must add at this point that I managed to snap up the last black gel eyeliner in my High Wycombe store. I found the little box hiding at the back of the stand, looking a bit worse for wear. But seeing as nothing was missing, all parts were intact, and it was the very last one, I bought it despite the bashed up box.

The packaging, even if it wasn't roughed up, isn't too fabulous. It's a standard, uninspiring low-cost design, but for a fiver (or free for me with this offer) I didn't expect much more. Besides, we all hope the money went on the product rather than the packaging, right?

Inside the bashed up box

Inside the box, you get a tiny little pot of the gel liner, and a miniature liner brush for application. Although I have a pretty good liner brush already, I really wanted to give this one a go. Maybe because it looked so cute and dinky!

The brush, although did the job, was way to small for proper everyday use. That said, it's perfect to nip in your handbag, along with the teeny gel pot, if you're going out and need to top up your liner. The gel eyeliner is gorgeously dark and smooth, it really does slick onto the lid a treat! The smoothness of the formula means it's dead easy to control exactly where you're putting the liner, eradicating any gaps and allowing you to get the specific look you're going for.

Look how dinky that brush is!

The only issue I have with it is that it doesn't dry very easily; the formula stays quite wet, even when on your lid. After half an hour I looked in the mirror to see the black gel had transferred to the crease of my lid, making me look like a panda. This gets quite annoying when you have to check for panda-eyes every hour and whip out a cotton bud to mop up any unwanted marks.

Overall, this is the cheapest gel eyeliner I've found so far, and for the money, it isn't half bad. I think because I am such a huge fan of Collection 2000's nail varnishes, fast stoke liquid liner, and concealer, I was expecting a little too much of this eyeliner; it is a budget brand after all. It's easy to get the look you want, small enough to carry around with you and has a beautiful, bold black colour. It's just a shame about the occasional panda-eye.

The gel liner is as dark as liquid ones!

It's also available in gold, teal and brown, so I can imagine that if you wanted a colourful gel liner look then these Collection pots would be a lifesaver. I can't think of many other budget high street brands which sell a range of coloured gel liners. The teal liner is a beautiful colour, and I might just make it my next investment.

What do you think of Collection 2000's gel eyeliner?


  1. Your eyes look amazing and I bet the other colours are gorgeous especially the gold! I can't apply gel liners that well & agree that it causes panda eye as it doesn't stay as well as a pen or pencil :( But definitely I would consider getting in the other colours for a night out xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Aww thank you! I can see using the gold and black together could make for a great look for going out :) xxx

  2. I've heard mixed things about Collection eyeliners but this looks great! I can never apply gel eyeliner though :( x

    1. I love their liquid eyeliner too! It's a case of practice, but get a good brush and you're half-way there anyway :) x

  3. This looks pretty good and I can't believe you even get a little brush with it considering the price :) x

    Beauty with charm

    1. The little brush is so cute, although not the most practical for application! x


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