Over-hyped Products #1: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

I recently purchased the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer after every beauty blogger and their dog/cat told me how great it was. Naturally, I was dying to try it out. After finally hunting it down in the fairest shade possible (just call me Casper the ghost), I was certain this was going to change my life and become an essential in my daily beauty routine. But did it live up to the hoo-ha that was created around it?

As the observant ones of you might tell from the title of this post, no it didn't. But that's not to say that it's an awful product. I must point out now that there is a huge difference between a product being bad, and a product not living up to the massive hype that's been built around it. Obviously, a product can be over-hyped and bad, but 80% of the time, beauty products like this are over-hyped and just OK.

With a hype you expect fireworks. You expect to apply the product and instantly feel like your life has been changed forever and OMG what did I ever do before I found this tube/bottle/pot of heaven. This Collection concealer is definitely not bad, but it isn't quite this life changing product that everyone says it is.

Another thing which irks me about beauty blogging, something which I too have probably been guilty of in the past, is overemphasising how good a product is because of its price. When a product is from a budget brand, I think our expectations are lowered, and the opposite happens when the price is hiked up.

Therefore, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is good for the £4.19 pricetag. It isn't amazing otherwise. I'm sure if you were told that this concealer is worth £20 odd, you would say "hmm, perhaps this isn't quite worth the money" or "I expected a little more from this". When looking for a product, you want it test it for what it is, not how much it's worth.

Aside from this theoretical mumbo jumbo, the concealer itself has a medium thickness and creamy consistency. It is lovely to finally have a brand which offers the lightest of the light shades, meaning that the colour match is far better than many other concealers, particularly fab for us pale gals (and guys).

I wouldn't say that this blends particularly well- it could blend better and I find that it can sit quite heavily on the skin, although not heavy enough for it to be obviously cakey. The packaging is pretty rubbish. It's bog-standard and the writing had already partially dissolved off the front before I'd even used it! But should we expect that just because it was under a fiver?

Like I have previously stated, this is not a bad concealer. In fact, it is fairly average but has unfortunately been over hyped to make it seem like a wonder product just because it costs the same amount as a Starbucks coffee. I think we, particularly beauty bloggers, have a responsibility to judge the product on how it performs, and not on whether it was a bargain.

Rant over! Do you feel the same about the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer?


  1. Oh no! It's a shame you didn't like it! I actually do really love this product. I used to wear an expensive concealer that used to set me back but for me this one is ten times better. But it is all personal preference obviously and it won't work the same for everyone :)

    hellomissjordan.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. Exactly, different people will suit different products. It's not that I didn't like this product- in fact I do like it and use it now and again- it's the fact that it's been severely overhyped for how it actually performs (in my opinion!). xx

  2. I have the really old one (before they launch the new ones recently) and tbh its ok (and I probably should throw it away now. But I get what you mean, like for such a hyped up product, you'd expect a lot more from it. I remember back in the day when it was £2.99. And the only reason why I got it was because it was cheap. But now Collection 2000 are racking up their prices on it, I wouldn't buy it again. xx

    1. That's exactly it. It's just OK. I don't think it's spectacular enough a product to warrant the hype which it has received. xx

  3. I feel the same, I tried it before and it actually didnt work for me but so much is overhyped ie when stuff is sent for free or when people jump on a bandwagon xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

    1. Definitely agree. Bloggers in particular should review products regardless of how much they cost/ whether they were given them for free :) xxx


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