ColorTrend Crush

Recently I've been getting a lot of products from Avon; since they've revamped their image and improved the quality of their products they've been at the core of my make-up regime. Their make-up and nail products are very reasonably priced- probably under priced for the quality you get- and with university less than 4 weeks away now, these Avon goodies are almost a must-have for those wanting to beauty-budget.

My skin is normally quite oily, particularly at the moment after the amount of moisturising cream slathered on during my spa facial at the weekend, and no matter what I use, after an hour or so my face returns to its usual shiny self. Although I usually use Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, which has a moisturising base, I always have to use a powder over the top- not only to keep the foundation in place but also to momentarily cover up the oily shine which seems to permanently appear on my face.

When looking through the Avon website, I decided to take advantage of the 2 for £4 offer the brand had going. Having already chosen the Suede Effect nail varnish, I took a long-shot and bought this Avon ColorTrend Pressed Powder in 'translucent'. Unlike most other powders I own, this one actually stays put for most of the day. When I first applied it, although it immediately covered up the shine perfectly, I really didn't think it'd last as long as it did.

The powder itself is smooth to apply and super-silky to touch, and sits perfectly on my skin. My skin goes through extreme stages of oiliness in the more humid months then really dry in the winter, regardless of how much I moisturise, meaning that normally any powder I apply just dries my face out even more. However, as it is so shiny at the moment, the ColorTrend powder does fortunately sit just right and mattes out any shine I have, although I'd have to try it out again when my skin goes a bit drier.

This powder would be perfect for those with oily skin like me or teens that want to cover up any unwanted shine. It's really easy to blend as well, and is now available with SPF10 protection. Although it's normally priced at £4.25, it's currently part of the 2 for £4, spanning a range of different products, which is quite frankly a mega-bargain. You can get the powder in 'translucent' or 'translucent tan'.

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