Pretty in Pink

As someone who normally wears red or coral coloured lipsticks, I decided to go for change and try a pink lipstick. I've always been wary of pink looking too trashy or OTT, so when I found the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in a colour that was bold, the perfect tone and still sophisticated, I desperately wanted to love it and expected myself to adopt it as my new favourite.

 I'm a real believer in the fact that something as simple as a change in nail colour, eyeshadow or lipstick can completely revamp your look as much as a change in hair colour, and I have to be honest and say that this Revlon lipstick, in shade 011 Stormy Pink, did. It is bold and confident without looking too garish and is totally wearable for both evening and daytime, going with almost any outfit. 

I do really love the colour, I just wish that the quality of the lipstick was better. About 10 minutes after I applied the lipstick, the colour started to spread. I normally get this with all my other lippies but not as soon as this one, and it really puts me off wearing it. It is fairly glossy and does apply well at first, but it soon spreads; normally you're left with a coloured line across the very top and bottom of your lips but this seemed to collect in the very middle. It was such bad quality, in this sense, that I ended up taking it off all together and just wore a lipgloss instead, which is such a shame as the colour is just the one I was looking for after wanting to try a pink lipstick.

I am really disappointed that the quality of the lipstick lets it down, and at £7.49 I have ones cheaper that last longer. I was definitely expecting it to last a bit longer than it did, but that doesn't mean that it's a terrible lipstick. The other colours in the collection look just as wearable, ranging from deep reds, to coral hues and subtle pinks, and the lipstick does feel lovely and glossy when it's on. However, I do think that I'll be trying to find a similar colour but by a different brand though as I cannot be doing with re-applying every 10 to 15 minutes.

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