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My make-up routine always consists of flicked liquid eyeliner, whether I'm just popping to the shops or going on a night out. I love the way it instantly makes your eyes stand out (especially when I'm wearing glasses), but have become a bit bored of the same look. Looking through my make-up draw, I found this glittery bottle of 2True Eyeliner Dazzlers in black that I'd never used, and seeing as I was going out with some friends that night, thought I'd try it out to cure my 'same-old-make-up' boredom.

2True is a brand exclusive to Superdrug, and having tried and been super impressed with their nail varnishes, I was interested to find out what their actual make-up was like. The brush on the glitter eyeliner is quite thick, about twice the size than that of a normal liquid eyeliner, but is still easy to use. However, it doesn't apply particularly well- like many sparkly nail varnish top coats, the glitter isn't very well distributed and you have to almost dab it on to make sure you have enough coverage for the full effect.

Despite having to faff a bit to actually get enough glitter on the brush and then spread it evenly, when it's applied it looks really good. I used it over my normal liquid eyeliner (Collection 2000 Fast Stroke in black) as although the glitter eyeliner has a dark colour, it's not dark enough for me. Over the black liquid eyeliner, the glitter catches the light really well and gives an extra dimension to a normally fairly basic look.

2True glitter eyeliner over black liquid eyeliner

Even though it probably isn't the best glitter eyeliner around, it works well as effectively a sparkly top coat to your normal eyeliner if you just want to jazz up your look a bit. It's available in 10 shades, black (the one I used), silver, bronze, gold and a range of greens, blues and purples. For the variety of colours the eyeliner range offers and the bargain price of £1.99, I do think it's worth getting. I'm already planning on getting a few other colours and making the most of the 3 for £4.99 offer the brand have. Disco-chic and cheap.

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