Primark Lashes

As a massive fan of false lashes, I’m always on the look out for cheaper and/ or new options. I normally go for the Eyelure natural looking lashes but being struck with an even tighter student budget I thought I’d search the market for a cheaper option.

Now I’m a bit of a make-up snob, so when I first heard Primark would be supplying their own range of cosmetics I turned my nose up, assuming it’d be absolutely rubbish, but was pleasantly surprised by their false lash range.

The lashes themselves are neither too heavy nor too thin, so they are absolutely perfect for a night out or even as casual wear due to their very natural look. Because of this, they make your lashes look even fuller without seeming like you’ve plonked two spiders on your eyelids, and for only £1 (yes, £1!!!!) compared to around £5 for the Eyelure ones, it’s a complete bargain too. Like the Eyelure lashes, the strip is relatively thin, making them easier to apply and allowing you to get as close to the lash line as possible to give a more natural look. I genuinely think that the Primark lashes are a tad better than the Eyelure ones, purely because they are not as flimsy and the slightly thicker and dark nature of the strip makes it seem as though you’re wearing eyeliner; you could easily get away with not faffing about trying to perfect your liquid eyeliner for a night out.

I did ‘cheat’ a bit with these lashes however; I couldn’t bring myself to use the Primark glue, partly because I didn’t trust it to keep the lashes on for long enough, and partly because I know how good the Eyelure glue is and had a small bottle of it left-over (available in shops for £2.75). The Eyelure glue worked really well with the Primark lashes- literally one brush of glue and they stay on for a whole day, let alone a night! I have been told by a friend though that the Primark glue is actually quite good and appears to be quite similar to the Eyelure with the handy wand applicator. 

I’m slowly being won over by Primark cosmetics, being surprised by the quality of these lashes and their nail varnish, which I used in my Olympic nail post. These are a real bargain for not only false lash lovers, but any of you who want a really natural, volumised look without having to spend a tenner on the newest mascara.

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