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Being in the sun for a week and then coming back to England to find some miraculously nice weather has not done the best of favours for my skin. Any change in weather, be it glorious sunshine or the cold winter months, dries my skin out, particularly my legs, hands and face. Not really having invested in a top class hand cream or body lotion before, I turned to a gift set of Nivea lotions I was given last Christmas, and have been using Nivea Pure and Natural body lotion and hand cream for almost the past two weeks.

I always get so self-conscious of how dry my hands get; the skin around my fingernails gets all cracked and red and it doesn't look very nice at all. This Nivea hand cream is the first one I've really owned (I know, I definitely should've got one sooner), as I normally borrow one of my mum's or friend's, and so I wanted to see how much of an improvement it would make to my skin. I've always thought of Nivea as being a leading brand in lotions like this, but the Pure and Natural hand cream, for 'dry hands', left my hands covered with a greasy film and hardly any extra moisture at all- it did not feel nice on my hands at all. Even when it's all soaked in properly, I was expecting my hands to feel so much softer but noticed no difference whatsoever, even after a week of using it about 3 times per day. I was really disappointed with this product, and surprised that Nivea couldn't offer something better, and so quickly started using Soap and Glory 'Hand Food' which is an absolute god-send (another post for another time!).

I wanted to see if the body lotion was just as bad as the hand cream, but thankfully it did what it says it will- moisturise. The Pure and Natural body lotion has a super light texture to make it feel like you're actually applying a moisturiser and not 5 layers of thick sun tan lotion as some products do. I applied it about an hour before I went to play badminton (not ideal in heat like this) and it soaked in really quickly; I was expecting to be running around the court feeling like a had a thick layer of lotion melting down my leg. I sometimes use Soap and Glory's 'Body Butter' which, although it moisturises beautifully, has a really thick feel to it, as if you've literally slathered half the bottle on, so the lightness of the Nivea lotion was a lovely change although it doesn't quite moisturise as well as Soap and Glory.

The Pure and Natural Body Lotion is available at Boots for £3.57 and the Hand Cream for £3.05.

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