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Hi all and welcome to my new blog! Here I will review tried-and-tested beauty products, as well as new ones on the market, to try and find the ones which really do tick all the boxes. We all see tons of adverts each day claiming that 'this lipstick will last hours on end without being smudged' or that 'this mascara will make your lashes look 100x longer'. But how can you tell which brand to buy? And how can you always be sure that it does do what it claims to? Hopefully, this is where my blog comes in handy as I love to share the products that I believe work, but at the same time, warn against those that fall onto the 'same rubbish as last time' heap.

As a proud owner of many (too many) nail varnishes, I will give step-by-step guides to different manicures. I love being creative when it comes to my nails, changing the pattern or design on them as often as I can to create a different look- I am a great believer in the idea that your nails can be your greatest accessory and can update an outfit instantly. So whether it be technical nail art, fun but simple designs or gushing over the latest collections, this blog will guide you to create your perfect nails without having to go to a salon or having to buy all the professional equipment; cocktail sticks and sticky tape are great for DIY manicures.

Enjoy reading!

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