Purple Reign

I've been eyeing up some of the Avon Colortrend nail varnishes for some time now, and with most of their products half price or better at the moment, I picked up this purple wonder. There are some great offers over on the Avon website at the moment- nail varnishes and other make up are currently part of a 2 for £4 offer, a bargain seeing as the products themselves are about £3-4, or more, in the first place! Although they are cheap online, the products themselves are very good quality, particularly after Avon had a revamp; their packaging, image and just the name has become fresher and more modern, reflecting in the improved quality of the products too.

I bought this little purple bottle of magic, normally £3 but currently part of that 2 for £4 offer, wanting to try something new. Many nail bloggers have been raving for a long time about the matte effect polishes that numerous brands have brought out, and not owning any nail varnishes like that, got the Colortrend Suede Effect Nail Enamel in 'Soft Violet'. In the bottle it looks like quite a silvery purple, with both glimmery and metallic hues; for once a lot like the colour shown on the website. The brush is that of a standard quality nail varnish and applies very easily.

What I love most about this nail varnish, apart from the colour of course, is how slick the application is. It's fairly thick so goes opaque very fast- you could easily get away with one coat, which is very rare for a nail varnish this cheap. I used 2 coats just to give it that extra depth of colour, but even with that extra coat the colour doesn't really change in darkness, staying that same metallic violet. The only real difference between the colour in the bottle and on the nails is that when your nails catch the light, shades of bronze appear, on top of the deep purple and concentrated flecks of silver.

It really is a beautiful colour, the only issue (if you can even call it an issue) is that it dries almost as soon as it touches the nail, a lot like crackle-effect top coats, so you have to be quite quick and accurate with application- another reason why I used two coats. Apart from that, I adore the matte effect, the depth of the colour and how the metallic shades shimmer in the light. I did not expect such great colour and quality from Avon, and for such a bargain price, definitely up there with my favourite nail varnishes. It's available in the offer or for £3 in 'Soft Violet', 'Blue Royale' and 'Fuchsia Feel'.

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