Christmas Review: Soap & Glory BeautyFull House Gift Set

Each year, my Mum seems to treat me to some Soap & Glory make-up bits and bobs for Christmas. Although some love their huge bath and body promotion that is on just before Christmas, I actually way prefer their make-up. I don't know if my Mum intended it, but it seems to have become a Christmas tradition now, ha! As you might be aware (from the amount I rave about it), I absolutely adore their brow pencil and also really rate their SuperCat eyeliner (both of which I also received for Christmas, thanks Mum!). But alongside these, I love trying out other bits and bobs from their make-up range. This year I received their BeautyFull House which provided me with some more exciting pieces to try out.

Within this gift set, I received the classic Thick & Fast mascara (does any S&G set not include this mascara?!). Although I don't have any eyelashes at the moment (thanks trichotillomania), I have tried this mascara in the past and do really love it. It's really easy to layer up without going clumpy and the brush is perfect for adding oodles of length and volume to short lashes. Because they have incurred 19 years worth of damage, when my eyelashes eventually grow through they are very flimsy and don't grow as long as they did, meaning I am left with quite stubby natural lashes. While this isn't the best mascara for adding curl, the length it provides really helps my natural lashes to look like that haven't been damaged so much! I can't wait to use this as soon as they grow back.

Next in the set was this Sexy MotherPucker lip gloss in the shade Plumble. In the past, these glosses have been slated as being far too sticky in texture. I think Soap and Glory have improved on this quite a lot, but the texture is still relatively thick. I don't mind this so much and think they are completely wearable; I still find the tingly, plumping sensation a novelty, fun element to the gloss (although I am not sure whether it actually plumps my lips at all). Despite this, I absolutely love the shade of this gloss- it looks a lot darker than it comes out on your lips and just coats your pout with a medium berry-type tone (despite looking quite pink in the packaging). Perfect for these colder months and if you don't want to wear a bold lipstick, this gloss gives a hint of colour whilst remaining quite subtle and sheen. I've already worn this one so much!

Lastly is possibly my favourite of them all; the highlight stick. Or technically the 'highlight & cheek sculpt stick'. As my powder highlighter runs out, this stick form has come at just the right time. The colour on this 'Ice Shimmer' shade is a gorgeous silvery rose colour and I am loving how this works with my paler skin. Rather than applying directly to skin, I have been working the product onto my fingertip and dabbing along my cheekbones, under my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye to give a subtle shimmery effect. I'm not great at full on Kim K style contouring, but I never go without a bit of highlight to add to the dewy-skin look that I love and this is perfect if you like a more subtle highlight. I don't actually wear that much make-up on my skin, so something light and build-able like this is ideal. If you pat some of this highlighter into your eyelids it makes for a lovely super-subtle eyeshadow substitute that is great for boring work looks where you can't go too wild.

Although there are so many make-up brands out there now that Soap & Glory make-up kind of gets forgotten, I think it's definitely worth taking a look at. Finding a couple of holy grail pieces from them has led me to explore their make-up range more and discover that some of it is actually pretty darn good!

Do you love Soap & Glory make-up? Which beauty pieces of their would you recommend?

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  1. The highlighter stick sounds amazing, I really want to buy one!xx

    Lucy x |

    1. I think it's my favourite product in this gift set. I usually go for powders but I am absolutely loving this stick highlighter! xx


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