Why Soap & Glory's Archery Pencil Is The Best Brow Product For Trichotillomania

I have quite a collection of brow products. Since I started pulling my eyebrows out, aged around 16/17, I have been looking for ways to cover the baldness up. As you can imagine, this includes the purchase of many a brow product in hope that it does the job and masks my disorder as well as it possibly can. Although I had my eyebrows tattooed in January this year (you can read about my life-changing experience with Sian Dellar here), my pulling has caused the semi-permanent make-up to fade quite quickly and as a result I need a little bit of extra help from brow products. Whilst I have had flings with other brow pencils and powders, Soap & Glory's Archery brow pencil has remained at number 1 position in my 'brow charts'. Here's why...


1. The colour of the pencil suits me perfectly.

I love the slightly warm tones to the shade 'Brownie Points', which suited my hair colour and complexion like no other (apart from maybe Benefit's Goof Proof pencil). Although I have recently had highlights and gone super blonde, this pencil still doesn't look unnatural on me. I want to try the blonder shade now that I have had highlights just to see how it compares. Despite the availability of only two shades initially seeming like a flaw, both are surprisingly universal, meaning that even if you like to swap and change your hair colour regularly, this pencil is unlikely to fail you.

2. The texture is just dreamy.

Having trichotillomania and constantly pulling at my brows means that they can get a bit sore and sensitive. Being scraped and scratched at by fingernails and tweezers all the time, it probably isn't a good idea to go creating little hair flicks with a super-sharp, hard pencil- this is just going to irritate the skin further. For this reason, many people go for a brow powder. However, I find that Soap & Glory's Archery product isn't like your regular brow pencil; it doesn't have a sharp point, aided by the twist-up mechanism, and the product itself is soft enough to not irritate, but hard enough to get good depth of colour, allowing you to build it up and create different shades to make your brows look more natural. It is the best of both worlds!

3. The tint is great for 'top ups'.

Until I had my brows tattooed, I never found a use for the tint. It was too light and didn't create the impact I wanted, especially when drawing them from scratch. However, now that I have a base shape there with the microblading technique creating little hairs, the tint has come in very handy for just adding more depth to where the tattoos have faded. Essentially, I use it to go over the faded tattoos and make them look more prominent. If you have only a few sparse patches, the tinted end will be great at precisely filling the gaps in without being too heavy. It's very natural looking and allows you to draw on little hairs rather than filling in a block.

4. The double-ended pencil is so versatile!

This product is essentially a 2-in-1, meaning that you have the benefit of two types of products all in one pencil. This makes it great for experimenting with brow looks, textures, tones and techniques. Whether you use the pencil for a bold look, the tinted end for creating subtle hair strokes, or a combination of the two to create the ultimate filled-in-but-can-still-see-hair-strokes-underneath brows, Archery provides you with the means to play around and find what looks most natural for you, depending on your complexion, make-up look and the amount of hairs you actually have.

So, there are my reasons why Archery is top-dog for trichotillomania brows! There are lots of other good products out there, but for me, the versatility and texture make Soap and Glory stand out above the rest. I'd love to know what you think of this product, or what brow products you love for hair loss.

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  1. One of my biggest struggles is the 'patchy' brow. I find a lot of products adhere differently to bare skin vs. areas where there is hair so by the end of the day the bald patches are visibly lighter than the area with hair. How does this product stand up to that kind of problem?

    1. I'm not sure about how it works with hair as I've never groan my eyebrows enough to test this out, but I can imagine that after using the pencil end, the tint would be used to draw little hairs which would blend with your natural hairs and mask the patchiness you speak of. It comes out a shade or so darker than the pencil so does look very natural with the different tones and textures, just as your natural hair would X


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