Shadow Switch by Beauty Essentials: The Handy Tool Every Make-Up Lover NEEDS!

You come across things in the beauty world every now and then when you think 'why had I not heard of this before?!'. These products are the ones that instantly become staples in your beauty collection, things that your make-up routine could now not live without. This could be your holy grail foundation, the art of contouring, the way you blend your make-up, or a tool which just makes application a whole lot easier. Recently, I've been trying out Beauty Essentials' Shadow Switch, a dry brush cleaner that will revolutionise any make-up lover's routine, especially those who adore eyeshadow!

In fact, this product isn't the only thing I am excited about with this brand. Beauty Essentials is definitely a brand to watch this year, as I am sure they are set for huge things. They are currently in the process of expanding their range and completely re-vamping their packaging too, so if you quite like the pink and white pattern displayed in these photos then don't get too attached! Instead, the brand will display bold colours and simple labelling- bold, eye-catching and summing up what the brand is about, which is going back to basics and letting the product do the talking. Their new range will include everything from blending tools, Invisibobble-style hair bands, a cleansing cloth that only requires water to effectively remove make-up, and de-tangling hair brushes alongside other essentials such as cotton pads and applicators. But right now, I'm obsessed with their Shadow Switch.

Shadow Switch is a dry brush cleaner that will allow you to use the same brush to apply all the eyeshadow you need for one look. That includes everything from the dark smokey outer corner to highlighter in the inner corners of your eyes...all using the same brush, no mixing of colours. After each shade, simply swirl your eyeshadow brush around the dry cleaner in a clockwise direction and the formula will rid your brush of that colour, leaving it ready for the next. It does a really effective job of cleaning the colour off and makes doing your make-up far quicker and easier- there's no swapping brushes necessary with this handy little product! Whilst I personally don't go wild with my eyeshadow looks every day (I stick to very neutral tones, if anything at all), it is such a useful tool to have if you are someone who wears eyeshadow a lot, loves experimenting with bolder colours or just hates washing their brushes and waiting patiently for them to dry (isn't that all of us?!).

As mentioned, I'm not a huge eyeshadow wearer but one thing I don't go without is a bit of bronzer/contour and highlighter. I tried using the Shadow Switch on the brushes I use for this and it still works well! You can see the colour had come off and transferred onto the bobbly black sponge which contains the cleaning formula. Although it didn't clean them perfectly (they are subject to more regular use and far more product than eyeshadow brushes) so I would still recommend washing them the old fashioned way, but for a quick-fix this Shadow Switch is perfect to use on any brushes that you use for powder-based products, For only £5.99, this tool is a must-have in any make-up lovers' collection! This is currently available to buy on Amazon here, but they will be launching and rolling out new products soon so stay tuned!

Is this a tool you need? What other handy beauty tools do you swear by?

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