From Daytime to Evening with NYX Lipsticks

Greetings, people of the internet. Just a quick post today as I'm in the middle of my law exams (uurrrrggghhh), but in four days time they will all be over (yaaaaay)! I recently left my job in retail to start my career within the world of law, and as a little leaving gift my colleague, Hannah (who is just the most amazing human being in the world- I post a lot of photos of her baking skills on my Instagram) bought me a collection of goodies, including these beautiful NYX lipsticks. We clearly spend too much time together, as she knows me well enough to pick out the most perfect shades- I couldn't have chosen better myself! These are great little lipsticks which can take you from day to night with ease without breaking the bank. No wonder so many people are raving about them!

Now available to buy in Boots (the one in Brighton looks amazing!), NYX offers a range of make-up products, but their lipsticks are the ones which have gained them a number of fans within the beauty world. Hannah bought me one of their 'extra creamy round lipsticks' in the shade 'Fig'; think of this range as their staple, core lipstick. The number of shades available is astounding, so there's definitely something for everyone within this range! The colour is a subtle shade of light pink that offers a tiny hint of shimmer which sits comfortably on your lips. The texture is rich and feels incredibly nourishing with its 'mineral-based emollient formula', and is just as 'creamy' as the name suggests. Because it's that bit more moisturising, you do need to top up fairly regularly- but with a more nude shade like this, top-up time isn't majorly obvious as it would be with a bolder colour. The only strange thing about this lipstick is the taste. I know we don't go around munching on make-up, but there is certainly a noticeable chemically 'tang' with this lipstick (one which I haven't noticed with the matte lipstick). Odd but something to bear in mind! This shade is perfect for daytime office-wear and only costs £4.

On the other hand, the matte lipstick is beautifully vamp-ish. Shade 'Alabama' is a deep red that isn't so dark as to make me look like something out of the Addams family, but moody enough to make an impact. I'm a huge fan of red lips, and having a darker spin on the classic is a wonderful addition to my collection. Great for nights out or occasions which involve a bit more dressing up and potential for experimentation with your make-up, I know I'll get just as much use out of this lipstick as the more daytime appropriate one. Whilst I don't usually go for matte lipsticks, I adore this as it still has the nourishing qualities of the more satin ones. There's no drying or sitting awkwardly on the lips; the formula is buttery enough to provide your lips with the moisture they need without detracting from the 'matte' label. A perfect evening shade that'll give you those Autumnal vibes, whilst only coming in at £6.50.

Which shade is your favourite? Do you prefer the daytime looks or the more dramatic evening ones?

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