Blend Better! Pamper Therapy's Innovative Beauty Sponge That Rivals The Classics

You only have to watch a few beauty tutorials online to find that most make-up fanatics out there use the infamous Beauty Blender to create their flawless looks. Make-up sponges are nothing new, being used throughout history to help women perfect their foundation. The twentieth-century, particularly the 1930s onwards, saw the use of small triangular makeup sponges to help apply makeup, and the little sponges have been developing ever since. What was previously designed for one-time use (as per the bags of 20 sponges you could pick up in Boots) has evolved into a spectacular make-up applicator that has become far more technical than you would think. We are now familiar with little 'egg' or 'teardrop' shaped sponges that have been designed to perfectly buff our foundation, concealer and contour into our skin. Whilst many might stick with favourites from RealTechniques and the original Beauty Blender, Pamper Therapy have created a sponge which might rival both.

This little pink sponge from Pamper Therapy holds the same core design as the Beauty Blender, and is relatively similar to the RealTechniques sponge that has gained a number of fans. It holds that 'teardrop' shape; the pointed top being great for buffing concealer into more delicate areas such as around the eyes and around the nose. RealTechniques featured a slanted side, something a bit different from the usual round shape, which provides more surface area for quickly buffing foundation in. Pamper Therapy have adopted this trend, but somehow made it even better. I am a fan of the RT sponge, but wouldn't go back to it after trying this design from Pamper Therapy. There are only slight differences (where the slanted edge is seems to make a huge difference in favour of Pamper Therapy) but boy do they count. The PT sponge is lighter, almost 'fluffier' than the dense RT version. The bouncier sponge somehow aids application; using the flat edge first to roughly layer on foundation, the rounded edge feels so light to use when buffing the product into your skin.

Whether it's the texture of the sponge or the positioning of the flat edge, there's something about this make-up sponge which makes it stand out from the rest. It may look similar to others out there, but the proof is in the blending! It works far better than any I've used; I must say, I'm definitely a brush girl (I adore my RT buffing brush), but I can totally see this being a go-to applicator. I always thought that buffing foundation in by dabbing a sponge around your face was time-consuming compared to using a brush, but I was so wrong. The Pamper Therapy sponge is just as quick and easy to use, and leaves my foundation looking far better- there are no subtle streak marks left by a brush and you are left with a much more 'flawless', airbrushed look. For £7.95, this is certainly something you're going to want to try out for yourself. Well done Pamper Therapy for creating something that can rival the old favourites!

Are you a fan of blending sponges? Which ones are your favourites?

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  1. hi sophie.loved your review.I've just ordered this from amazon and as a brush girl too, i was kind of dubious about this method. i was wondering,what is the absorption like? does it soak up alot of product as i use liquid foundation? x

    1. Hiya, thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It doesn't absorb too much product- in fact, I think less so than the realtechniques brush I used to use. I have used this sponge every day since the review and still love it- hopefully you will to! X


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