Primark False Nails: Great Quality For A Quid

Since I was introduced to Elegant Touch nails by one of my friends, my obsession with false nails has somewhat been sparked. As I've mentioned recently, the product which has a reputation of damaging your nails has actually helped to cover up some self-induced dermotillomania damage and boost my confidence in the process. I'm very self conscious about my nails and cuticles, having compulsively picked at them for ages without thinking about the consequences (you can roughly see my odd thumb nail shape in the photos below). False nails have become a life-saver in disguising this, but I can't keep forking out for fancier branded nails. As a lover of cheap-and-cheerful Primark, I thought I'd try out there huge range of false nails to see what you really get for the £1 cost.

Firstly, Primark have recently re-vamped their make-up range and their collection of false nails has improved considerably in the past year or so. Maybe keeping in line with the growing trend for claw-like, decorated nails, Primark are definitely capitalising on this market and have created an expansive range of both plain and patterned designs. What I love about their range is the two different nail shapes which are available; I've noticed with some other brands, there is a tendency to create these long, pointed nails which are totally impractical and are purely designed to be a fashion statement. Primark have these within their range too, but have also noticed our desire to have something a little more 'toned down' to run alongside these talons. This is what I've been looking for.

It might be personal preference, but I would much rather have the traditional 'square' shape when it comes to false nails. They might look a bit more plain, but when you're working in an office, you don't want to be wearing long, extravagent claws. Who can type with those things on?! Within this shape, Primark sell a range of plain nails (basic, block colours) and design ones (a bit jazzier with some nail art included). The block colours are great for work- I picked up these nude coloured ones for office-wear, whilst the gold and aztec design nails would be perfect for weekends, festivals or holidays. There is such a huge variety to choose from, there is certainly something to suit everyone's false nail needs. Well done Primark for recognising that not all of us want bling-bling nails!

The actual quality was surprisingly OK. I was expecting them to fall off instantly and be a complete waste of time, but they're not. I didn't use the Primark glue which comes with each set of nails (I did give in and use an Elegant Touch glue just because I know I could rely on it for my first day at work), so I cannot vouch for how well that works. The actual nails are easy to apply (there is a big range of nail sizes to find the perfect fit for you), but do have a tendency to bend a bit. Because this left unsightly creases in the nail where it had been accidentally bent, I simply filed those parts away and they were as good as new! Same goes for any chips that appear; I always keep a little nail file on me in case of emergencies. The nails aren't as sturdy as more expensive ones are, but they still looked good after a week. For ony £1, that's not bad going! I'm definitely going to stock up on some more of these; they're decent quality nails for only one hundred pennies.

Have you tried Primark false nails? Which other make-up bits do you like the look of from there?

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  1. These are so pretty! I seriously wish there was a Primark closer to my city, as I would probably spend all my time in there! I love how cheap everything is from Primark, and it sucks that you can't shop online. Loving the nails xx

    1. Primark need to do online shopping! It would be amazing xx

  2. I wore the Aztec like ones for like a week and a half! They such a good price for the quality! Only thing is the design scratches off quickly when you do things!!

    C x

    1. Yeah, I definitely found this with the gold ones in the photos, but for £1 I don't mind too much as it's not like wasting a lot of money and they still look great! x

  3. I actually love Primark's beauty range (especially the lipsticks and eyeshadows) but I have never tried their false nails despite walking past them all the time. But yesterday I gave in ; I saw some with a great basic black base and something like silvery crackle on them and since they were only 50 cents, I got them ! But I've been seeing reviews about these since yesterday and they seem to be loved ! I'll stock up on them since I'm going to London next week (I live in France x)) !!! :D

    Tissam x | Tissam Est La


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