Joseph's Wigs: The Wig Experts That Have All Your Hair Loss Troubles Covered

Experiencing hair loss can be a terrifying time. Whether it happens through disorders such as trichotillomania, as a side effect of chemotherapy, or as a result of alopecia, the impact on the sufferer's self-esteem and confidence is the same. It's relatively well-known that wigs can be the solution to this hair loss dilemma, but they are often associated with fake-looking, itchy, old-fashioned styles which puts many people off turning to them. Joseph's Wigs is one company who ditches this stereotype by offering an extensive range of high-end, high-quality wigs.

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When taking your hair for granted, you may not realise the extent to which you rely on it for comfort; extensive research has found that hair and hairstyles make up a large part of our individual identities. When this is taken away, we feel somewhat lost. Subsequently, when looking for wigs or hair pieces, it is important to be able to talk to a brand that understands; someone who is sympathetic, has expert knowledge, and knows exactly what you need. Joseph's Wigs offers all of these qualities. Knowing first-hand how traumatic hair-loss can be for both women and men, the family-run company knows the importance of discretion (with their private fitting room), having a range of different styles to cater for individual tastes, and professionalism.

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Based in Surrey (and more generally the South-East of England- although they do have a sister shop in Wales), Joseph's Wigs operates on an appointment-basis, allowing you to discuss in-depth every detail of your desired wig, whether it be ready-made or customised to your preference. They offer a range of stock, including acrylic fibre, human hair, monofilament, lace front, hand-tied or machine-wefted wigs and hair pieces, in all different shades, allowing you to find the perfect colour match or try something a bit different.

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They are a lovely, down-to-earth company who will be able to offer you expert advice depending on your situation. From sensitive scalps induced through chemotherapy, to offering knowledge of how to care for your specific wig, the compassionate bunch at Joseph's Wigs will be able to help you with anything. I tried their Molly wig- a short blonde 'do- and can vouch that not only are their wigs comfortable to wear (no itching in sight), but they are easy to put on (aided by the hair grips and net provided) and look incredibly natural. I honestly never thought that I would look at all natural in a short blonde wig, but that goes to prove how far professional companies like this have come with wig-making. Joseph's Wigs allows you to restore your confidence and will certainly boost how you feel about yourself if hair loss is a worry for you.

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The Molly Wig...I'm impressed!

Their wigs come in a range of styles and prices- you can browse their selection here.  

Are you a hair loss sufferer who has tried wigs? Is it something you would consider?

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Joseph's Wigs, however all content and opinions are my own. I would thoroughly recommend this brand to anyone who suffers from hair loss.


  1. When I saw the picture of you wearing this wig on Instagram I genuinely thought you'd cut and dyed your hair! The quality of these wigs looks incredible.

  2. Gotta say, blonde looks great on you ;)
    Joseph's Wigs are working for a great cause here, and good for them for actually setting aside time to understand their patients!

    1. Haha thanks Vanessa, maybe I'll actually go blonde fo real...Yeah, it's so important to be understanding in that kind of business x


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