CONVERTED! The Tropic Eyebrow Stencils Which Will Help Hair Loss Sufferers

Having to draw on eyebrows from scratch everyday is pretty difficult, let alone frustrating and time-consuming. With big, perfectly groomed brows continuing to be a huge beauty trend, more of us are turning to easier, more efficient ways to achieve that flawless 'Instagram brow'. Whether you chose pencils, powder or tints, there's no doubt that a little shaping guidance can be a massive help in the mornings when you're desperately trying to avoid drawing your brows on wonky. Brow stencils could be your beauty solution; it may seem simple, but after being previously disappointed by the brow tools, these Tropic stencils have definitely converted me and changed my morning routine.

tropic natural brow stencils set

I have previously written about a W7 brow stencil kit which I tried out and was hugely disappointed by; the stencil shapes were too dramatic for everyday wear and using them made me look, quite frankly, like a massive pillock. While they could be OK for getting a rough idea of where your brows should go if you suffer from hair loss, I would never rely on them for a brow shape. I chucked them to one side and continued to freestyle my brows every morning. That was until these Tropic stencils came along...

tropic brow stencils set review

There are four different shapes included within this set; sleek, natural, modern and elegant. Unlike many other stencils I have seen, all of these designs are totally wearable and look surprisingly natural. Being made to mimick people's natural brow shapes, rather than those sharp, angular, overdrawn styles seen all over Instagram, these are definitely more suited for those looking to use them in day to day life. As I don't have a brow shape yet (I am still waiting for more hairs to grow through), these have been a great way to get a guided, natural shape in the meantime; there's no bold, daring looks, just a little helping hand in neatening up your existing brows. This means they are perfect for hair loss sufferers like myself- the designs are a safe bet to cover up the baldness without ending up with overdrawn 'clown brows'.

tropic brow stencils review

While they are a bit fiddly and difficult to get used to (holding plastic still against your face whilst you try and draw on eyebrows does come with practical issues), they are definitely worth giving a go. Once you actually get the stencil secured and not sliding down your face, it makes it a lot easier to draw your brows on evenly and get them to match. I really like the 'natural' and 'modern' shapes and can see these two being the best for everyday wear. You do still need to fill your brows in quite a lot; the general shape can be drawn on with the stencils (there's enough room to draw a rough line), but a bit of guesswork is needed just to finish of the look and create more of a filled-out brow. Overall, these have certainly changed my mind about brow stencils, but I am still slightly skeptical about how it only gives a rough shape- I want a product that will give me finished brows and won't require any extra guesswork with a brow pencil after! For the meantime, these natural shapes from Tropic will lend you a helping hand if you suffer from hair loss.

tropic brow stencil set using modern
Tropic Brow Stencils: 'Modern' Shape (plus some guesswork!)

Have you tried any brow stencils? How do you draw on or fill out your brows?

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  1. So happy that you are enjoying your tropic brows. I hope you also enjoy the rest of the tropic range too. The rest of us certainly take what we have (our brows etc) very much for granted. Keep blogging, happy days.


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