NEW YSL Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain Shades (With Matching Matte Nail Varnishes!)

It's not everyday I get excited about the fact a lipstick is available in some extra colours, but YSL's Glossy Stains are definitely the exception to the rule. (Don't get me wrong, I pee my pants with excitement about new range launches, but colour extensions are usually a bit meh). YSL's Pop Water range stole my heart the moment they launched, with the unusual-shaped applicator and long-lasting wow-factor, and I can assure you that the new 4 shades are equally as fabulous. As if the new additions to an already-fantastic range wasn't enough, each shade has its own matching MATTE nail varnish to top off your Autumn/Winter beauty look.

I got my hands on the gorgeous new bright red shade, 301, which actually appears to have more coral hues once applied, with the matching 201 matte varnish. The other brand new shades include a classy nude, perfect for everyday wear, a very orange-y coral hue (which seems too summery for an Autumn launch but is gorgeous nonetheless), and a stunning bright Barbie-esque pink which provides an amazing, daring alternative to classic red tones. All these new shades showcase an amazing array of colours which will certainly provide something for everyone; I'm totally in love with them all. The quality of these lip stains is also second to none. I've had a bit of a bad history with lip stains; I've found many of the popular ones, such as Rimmel's Provocalips, to be really drying, flakey and uncomfortable on my lips once they settle and dry, even with the gloss over the top! YSL's Glossy Stains, as hinted within the name, cut the '2 in 1' crap; there's no faffing around with double-ended stains, just one quick slick lick of lip paint and you're done. I think the glossy element is what I love the most about this product; I don't get on with mattes, so it's amazing to have a lip stain that I can properly get to grips with!

The sheen isn't 'sticky' like many glosses are, but still gives that shimmery tint without being too much. It's a subtle finish, with most of the emphasis being on the bold colour and stain-like qualities. Unlike many glosses, the stain allows the colour to really come through and not be compromised by the sheen effect. I think I speak for everyone when I fan-girl over how gorgeously elegant the packaging is; I've been wearing this on a daily basis recently and can't wait for when I need to top up just so I can proudly whip it out of my bag and act all -fanceh- and the like. It's a real top-notch design, with the wand applicator shaped to make precision and ease of use your number one priority. Being angled up slightly, the heart-shaped wand makes covering your lips with the slick formula dead easy and fast- it's a super product for women on the go. While you could easily get away with one quick coat for a natural look, I usually apply two coats for that bold red-lipped look; I don't see the point of going half-arsed for a red lip! The stain lasts a good 4+ hours without needing a top-up; it's pretty much food-proof, wine-proof and kiss-proof...PERFECT!

Now (finally) onto the nail varnish. It's great to see YSL do something a little different with their range, and these mattes certainly fit the bill for Autumn/Winter. You can get away with one coat of polish (although I always do two for extra measure), and they dry so quickly. No gooping, sticking,'s dried in a few seconds when the formula turns from glossy to matte. They are truly swoon-worthy shades, and the bold colours totally make up for the fact that the formula does tend to chip a little easily. I can see this red shade being perfect for some fun, Christmas nail art. I'm not thinking too far ahead, am I?!

These four new shades are utterly divine, and an incredible extension to a high-quality, well-loved range. Plus, the matte nail varnishes make for a fun way to switch up your beauty routine for Autumn. These are available online, in department stores and in Boots. I got mine from Boots, Brighton (I swear I spend half of my life in there...ooops!).

Will you be indulging in these beautiful new YSL products? What do you think of the colours and matte additions?

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  1. I am such a YSL cheerleader/obsesser so this excites me a lot right now, AND I adore a great red lipstick so OMG more shopping is coming my way I can sense xxx


    1. They are absolutely stunning! Definitely treat yourself to one! xxx


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