Dior J'Adore Touche De Parfum: The Innovative Oil For Fragrance Lovers

The world of fragrance is an ever-expanding environment, filled with scent experiments and combinations and and ground-breaking designs. Brands are constantly going the extra mile to come up with something a little bit different- something that'll turn heads within the industry and make perfume something other than a pretty bottle of nice smelling liquid. Dior have done just this with their innovative Touche de Parfum fragrance oil. Created by Francois Demachy, Dior claim that this new product provides "a new olfactory and sensory experience". Is this more than just another fragrance?

dior touche de parfum review

The Touche de Parfum, encased in a delicate bottle which wouldn't look out of place on an expensive 1930s dressing table, is a new way to make fragrance a customisable experience. A drop of the oil is placed on pulse points and is designed to sit underneath the Dior Eau de Parfum of your choice. It adds another dimension to whichever fragrance you use; perfect for if you're stuck in a rut with one of your old favourites and want to mix things up a little. With notes of Damascus rose, jasmine and sandalwood, the delicately floral Touche de Parfum is designed to complement their existing J'Adore perfumes. Although it can be worn on its own for a subtle fragrance, the combination with another scent is what gives it that innovative twist.

The fragrance oil itself is hugely concentrated, meaning you only need a tiny bit. The bottle will last you ages; it will see you through around 3 bottles of perfume so you get decent value for money here! Touche de Parfum actually reacts differently to the skin of each wearer, meaning that layered with other fragrances, the scent is totally unique to you. I love the idea of being able to experiment with fragrance at home, creating different combinations that you know only you can wear. There's an innovative novelty to it, and although it is certainly in the 'luxury' bracket and not necessary at all, I do think it's a really interesting idea for those Dior lovers who are willing to indulge the whopping £70 for a 20ml bottle!

What do you think of this idea? Innovative and interesting or totally unnecessary?

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  1. I love this! Smells divine! Going to buy it when i have the money ☺😚


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