The Perfect Gift For False Lash Lovers? NEW 'Hollywood Glamour' Themed Sets By Eylure

It's no secret that I adore false lashes. They have helped to boost my confidence through my open battle with trichotillomania, but are far more than just a simple cover-up. The market for false lashes has expanded so much in the past few years, so much so that they are no longer just seen as a volumous, indulgent addition to your eye make-up on a night out. Designs are now suitable for everyday wear, and there are so many different styles that they have certainly become an accessory in themselves. If you don't know where to start, however, these new sets from Eylure may help you on your way. Themed around 'Hollywood Glamour', the box of three pairs of lashes really do provide something for everyone.

Eylure have released three of these new lash edits, following on from their successful 'city' range which produced lashes in line with the beauty styles of London, New York and Paris. The new glamourous boxes include the following:

Hollywood Blonde

 Very much based around the most famous blonde that ever lived, Marylin Monroe, these lashes include very similar natural styles which focus on blending into your own lash line and simply adding that subtle punch of glamour. A great set for those new to the lash game, and can easily be worn both day and night. Includes Naturals 031, Lengthening 035 and Lengthening 115.


Dangerous Beauty

A small collection of Eylures best-loved lashes all focusing around that 1940s 'femme fatal'; the woman in charge of the romance. As such, these three are all about the 'power lash'; oodles of volume without being too garish, with each of the pairs providing something a bit different (unlike the Hollywood Blonde). Definitely the best for nights out! This set includes Texture 154, Exaggerate 141 and Texture 157.


Screen Siren

Designed around the classic powerful actresses of the 1930s (think Marlene Dietrich), these lashes symbolise the original female lead. The lashes remain fairly natural and don't rely on any exaggerative length or volume, just opting for enough drama to create a subtle look. There's a lot of emphasis on the outer corner, creating depth and a nice lift to the look which is great for then building upon with classic winged liner. It includes Lengthening 114, Definition 121 and Definition 123.

This is such an interesting and great quality range from Eylure- a brand who are arguably the Queens of false eyelashes. It's a novel idea, and the packaging is just the icing on top of the cake. I can see these making lovely gifts (yes, I'm thinking ahead to Christmas already!) for those who love make-up and experimenting with different looks, or those who are just starting out and want to try something new. There's a great range of styles to choose from within each of these sets, and are all totally wearable, plus they only cost £12.95 (for three pairs of lashes that's pretty darn good).

What do you think of this new range? Is it unnecessary and gimmicky, or a great way to experiment with beauty?

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  1. Ooh these look super nice! I love Eylure lashes they're such good quality.
    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

    1. They really are! I love their collections x

  2. Ah I really like them! I'm all about the falsies as well and these excite me. Yet to get any of my own though! I'm sure I'll get some soon though. Love, your no 1 fan xxx

    1. Haha, thanks fan-girl Gweni! I do love the Hollywood Blonde ones xxx


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