Old Treasure: 3 MORE Products I've Rediscovered And Am Loving

Last week, I wrote a post about some products I had dug out whilst having a beauty sort out. They were old favourites of mine that had gotten lost amidst the sea of new purchases, and had been sitting all lonely on the back of the shelf. Well, it turns out there were quite a few treasures I had totally forgotten about, so here are three more products that I've recently fallen in love with all over again...(I have so many I could make this a new feature!)

Makeup Academy (MUA) Pro-Brow Kit (£3.50)

I have featured this little brow kit before on this blog, comparing it my ultimate brow hero, 'Brow Zing' by Benefit. While it didn't fare quite as well as the pricier competitor, I have recently given it another whirl and have found that it is nowhere near as bad as I originally thought! It's so strange how you can slate a product, only to revisit it and absolutely love it! This MUA budget buy features everything you need to create that perfect bold brow; tweezers, a brush, two powder shades, shaping wax, and a highlighter for underneath the brow bone. The powder is far more pigmented than I initially gave it credit for, and the darker shade is a perfect match for my recently dyed hair. For £3.50, this is certainly amazing value.

No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser (£9.95)

This bottle of cleansing goodness came to my rescue after I ran out of my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. While it doesn't have the same refreshing feel and eucalyptus scent, this No7 cleanser does possess the same rich, creamy texture which lifts any dirt and makeup off your face after one use. I never feel like a have to double cleanse with this stuff, and genuinely feel like my skin looks brighter after using this. It has managed to work wonders on my sensitive, dry skin, and is incredible gentle. What's more, this bottle is absolutely mahoosive so it will last me ages! A great cleansing alternative for under a tenner; my new favourite cleanser!

Barry M Genie Lip Paint (£4.49)

Nope, Shrek hasn't created a beauty range for Barry M. This ingenious lipstick cleverly adapts to the Alkaline levels on your lips, turning your pout the shade of pink which is best suited to you. I reviewed this product yonks ago, and still love it up to this day. It holds a lovely balmy texture which nourishes your lips, yet this silkiness by no means detracts from the depth of colour. You are left with a bold result which lasts a decent amount of time, and the colour can be built up with the more you apply. You may not see the colour immediately, but give it a few seconds and watch as your lips magically transforms. For under £5, this is a genuinely exciting and gorgeous product to own.

Have you tried any of these products? Which favourites have you rediscovered lately?

Pretty and Polished



  1. THAT BARRY M LIPSTICK IS THE COOLEST THING EVER! When I first saw the photo I was like "green lipstick?! ew" but when I read how it changes colour based on your lips I was envious. Definitely want to buy that bad boy! Haha. Holly x http://thechroniclesofholly.com/

    1. It's so amazing! I love how it changes to the colour which suits you best x

  2. That Barry M lipstick is crazy!! How does that work?? Magic :) Sophie xx

    1. It's supposed to react according to the alkaline levels on your lips...pure science that I don't understand, haha! xx

  3. I really want the Barry M lipstick, it's such a fun product! I swatched it in Boots recently and it literally stayed on my hand for days lol x

    Sabrina Jaine

    1. It is such a fun product to use (which makes it 100000x better than other lipsticks out there!) x


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