Kiss 'Flirty' False Lashes For A Big, Bold Flutter

A while ago I featured some lashes which completely changed my life. You may wonder how some false eyelashes can transform someone's life, but when you have trichotillomania, you are on a constant mission to discover products that will help you cover up your hair loss whilst still looking natural. Kiss provided this for me. Their 'Iconic' set boosted my confidence more than any other make-up product, leading me to recommend them to any fellow sufferer or beauty enthusiast I can. I thought I would try out some more of their range, aside from their more natural, reserved lashes, and opted for this bolder set, 'Flirty'.

kiss false lashes flirty

As always, I absolutely adore how lightweight these feel when applied. This light, natural feel also makes them really flexible, allowing you to bend the strip and make placing them close to your lash line even easier. You barely feel like you're wearing false lashes with these on, especially compared to others which have a tendency to really weigh your eyes down. The glue is, as I have expressed before, some of the best glue I've tried. I don't know why it is so different, but I find this stuff really cements the lashes to my lid all day long. Minimal re-sticking down is needed throughout the day (or night); I usually apply a line of glue along my lid and on the lash strip just to help them stick even better. This makes them ideal for hair loss and trichotillomania sufferers who have minimal (if any) eyelashes for the lashes to stick to in the first place. Wearing false lashes can also act as a deterrent for pulling eyelashes out as well, so these may well have a double use.

kiss fake eyelashes flirty

kiss flirty false eyelashes review

While I love everything about Kiss lashes in general, I do find this 'Flirty' set a bit too much for everyday wear. They look huge on my face, so they may have to be set aside for nights out instead! The tapered ends allow the false lashes to blend in with your own, adding to the natural feel of these fluttery friends. As I always harp on about in false lash posts, the crossing over of lashes at the strip base means that any gaps you do have underneath are completely covered up; these falsies are designed to look like they're your own. I will definitely try using these again when I'm hitting the town boogying, but for during the day, I think I'll stick to something a little less lairy. You can find these lashes in Boots, Superdrug or online for only £4.49.

kiss false lashes trichotillomania

kiss false lashes flirty on

What's your favourite false lash brand? Do you prefer subtlety, or is bold best?

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  1. I literally buy Boots out of the Shy variety when they do buy one get one half price, your blog introduced me to them and (whilst still a battle) I have the longest and most dense eyelashes I've had for a long time on one of my eyes, and the other one is catching up (so long as I keep my fingers away!) x

    1. Yay! So glad to hear you're still doing well and that you've found something that helps! I love how natural the Shy ones are xx

  2. These look like great 'night out' lashes. Like you say, maybe a little much for everyday but then again, for those days when you want to feel extra fabulous, why not. They suit you really well. I might have to look out for these.

    Samio x

    1. Thank you! They're fab if you want that extra bit of glamour x


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