3 Cleansers I'm Currently Loving (With No Liquid Formulas In Sight)

Finding the perfect cleanser has been somewhat an obsession for me lately. Maybe due to stress, the change of seasons or the products I previously used, my skin flared up with dryness. I usually have normal skin with relatively few spots (#blessed), so to suddenly find my beloved foundations were not sitting right on my face, leaving it tight and flakey, was quite frustrating. So, there marks the start of my cleanser mission (you can read about the routine which banished the dryness in a post coming soon), as I chose to leave behind the liquid formulas and try something a little more thick and soothing. While a quick douse of liquid cleanser is fab for taking off the primary layer of make-up, my love for cream and balm cleansers stems from their ability to provide a truly deep cleanse whilst nourishing your skin. No-one likes to feel like their skin is being stripped of goodness, so here are the three cleansers which have completely changed my skincare game.

3 favourite cleansers elemis no7 liz earle hot cloth

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser (£9.95)

This cleanser is the cheapest of the bunch, but probably the one which has had the biggest impact on my skin. There is no luxurious scent attached to this, but it's one of those products that just gets on and does the job. And it sure does it well! Just one pump of this per use is enough to coat your face in a layer of the cream cleanser. Designed for all skin types, this product provides tailored nutrition to keep your skin looking healthy and bright. It's fab for taking off all your makeup and giving your skin a deep cleanse after a long day, making sure there is no pore-clogging dirt left to be seen. I love how the thick, creamy formula feels as though it is giving my skin that extra bit of nourishment, rather than taking it away. A big thumbs up to budget beauty!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (£14)

This award-winning product seems to be everyone's favourite cleanser, and there's a reason why. The creamy texture acts the same as the No7 one, helping to lift up any dirt while nourishing your skin. Unlike the No7 cleanser, the Liz Earle wonder-product has a lovely eucalyptus scent which refreshes and soothes your skin. This is always my go-to product if my skin is feeling a bit tired; it never fails to perk it up, and always leave my skin feeling super-soft, healthy and radiant. Alongside the formula, the muslin cloth helps to buff away any dead skin through gentle exfoliation, giving your skin a natural glow. This is a lovely product to use that leaves your skin noticeably even more beautiful.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (£39.50)

While it holds a different texture to the other two cleansers, being a balm rather than a cream, this luxury product is my favourite of the lot to use. The emphasis here is on luxury, as it costs nearly a whopping 40 quid. That said, you need the smallest amount of this product to achieve amazing results, so a little definitely goes a long way. The balm dissolves all makeup and grime, containing starflower oil, elderberry oil and padina pavonica (an algae which supposedly firms the skin) to leave your skin feeling sparkling clean and healthy. Whenever I use this balm, my skin feels so soft and revitalised, and the smell is unlike anything I've smelt before. IT. IS. HEAVENLY. This is a fab product for anyone suffering with dry skin. To use, I simply get a tiny amount, warm it by rubbing it between my fingertips then massage all over my face, using a muslin cloth or flannel and warm water to wiper it away. Is it worth the money? OMGYES.

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Are you a fan of any of these cleansers? What's your opinion of cleansing creams and balms?

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  1. I love the No 7 one been using it for a while nice to use when relaxing in the bath. I have yet to try the Liz Earle one but heard nothing but good things x

  2. Yay someone else who loves the No7 cleanser! I'm a big fan and feel it's so underrated!

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. Definitely! I think it's even better than the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser x

  3. I think cleansing balms and oils are so important!! I use coconut oil to remove my makeup and it just feels so good to massage my makeup off and steam my face with a cloth, when I used to dread taking my makeup off because it took so long! I also love the liz earle cleanser if I'm looking for something fancier and fragrant smelling!


    1. Coconut oil is such a great shout- it has so many benefits x

  4. I haven't tried out the No 7 version of this, I love Liz Earle and didn't particularly like the Elemis one, so I should give the No 7. on a try!

    Tarnya / http://sweetalluree.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Definitely, it's worked wonders on my skin!


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