Remington Pearl Pro Curling Wand

I got this little beauty for my birthday earlier this year. I already had another curler, but the barrel was far smaller, creating tighter waves. This Remington Pearl Pro curling wand was just what I wanted to create larger, looser waves instead of curls. It's a great tool for perfecting that effortless, beachy look.

The curling wand comes with a heat protective bag which can double up as a mat to rest the wand on whilst it's heating up. You also get a cute heat protecting glove to stop those inevitable once-in-a-while burns whilst you're wrapping your hair around the wand. Safety first, m'dears!

You can adjust the temperature of the curling wand, shown on the LCD display screen, really easily; the + and - buttons are situated just above the on/off button on the front of the wand; simple to find and easy to change the heat. This way, you can adapt your look; a lower temperature will allow the curls to drop more and protect your hair a bit better than if you were using a really high heat. They are also super quick to heat up so there's no waiting around!

 I really like the fact that this wand is doesn't have a clip; my other curlers do and I find it gets in the way a lot when trying to create a looser curl. It's a simple yet effective piece of technology which enables you to get the hair style you want with minimal effort and time.

The only thing I was worried about when I got these was how long the curls would last. My hair isn't very good at keeping the hold of heat-sculpted curls, so when it got less than excellent reviews for this, I was sceptical. However, I am pleased to announce that the waves hold up pretty well. Even when I do not use hairspray, the curls don't drop that much, and if they do, only to the point where they look like loose waves. But seeing as this is what I wanted this Remington gadget for in the first place, it's all fine.

The picture below shows how the waves fared by the end of the day. They hadn't fallen out as much as I had expected them too- and seeing as this was a 12 hour day filled with travelling and the windy Brighton sea front, I was pleasantly suprised!

This is a great tool for anyone who wants a curler with a larger barrel to create loose, effortless, everyday waves. And at £28 they aren't too expensive either.

What do you think of Remington's Pearl Pro?

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