Top Tips: Make-Up For Glasses

Behind every pair of glasses there's a make-up doubt. Will these leave red marks on the bridge of my nose? Will they make my eyes look smaller? Will the bold frame drown out my features? Seeing as big bold glasses of all coloured frames are 'cool' at the moment, the question of how to do your make-up to suit the spectacles is evermore relevant. I love my glasses, but I also love make-up; here are my top tips on how to harmonise the two and keep your features looking fierce even underneath the lens...

1. Curl your lashes. This will really open your eyes and make you seem more awake.

2. Use a light shimmery eyeshadow on your lid. This catches the light and again opens your eyes. Certain gold colours can also make green or blue eyes really pop.

3. Mascara. Use a couple of coats to lengthen and darken your lashes, but not so much that they start to clump. If they do, make sure you comb through them, otherwise any clumps will be magnified.

4. Winged liner. A dark liner, either liquid or gel, will really define your eye. A winged flick at the end will not only lengthen your eye, but looks timelessly glamourous too!

5. Use a lightweight concealer underneath your eyes. This will counteract any darkness or shadows from the frames. If your concealer is too cakey, this will be emphasised and exaggerated by your glasses.

6. Mascara on your bottom lashes. This creates a gorgeous doll-eye effect and, yet again, makes your eyes 10x bigger.

7. Use a bit of highligher underneath your brow bone. This is where the light catches, and will create more definition and widen your eye.

8. Use a white or nude eyeliner on your bottom waterline. This makes eyes appear bigger, makes them pop and makes you look more awake. If you don't want it too bright, go for a nice nude liner; it'll have the same effect but looks more subtle.

9. Brows! A strong brow game + strong frames = super defined features. Use a powder, pencil or brow gel to fill them in and create a good, bold shape. Remember, brows frame your face and can make or break a make-up look!

10. Use a tiny bit of powdered highlighter, or a nude or white shimmery eyeshadow just underneath your bottom lash line and in the inner corner of your eyes. Not only will this look gorgeously, subtly sparkly, but will also give the illusion of bigger eyes.

I hope these tricks help, now go wear your glasses with pride!

Do you have any top tips for glasses make-up?

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