Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

There's loads going on in my life at the moment, and I must admit I've been having a tough time. To cheer myself up, I "stumbled" upon the H Samuel sale and "accidentally" ended up purchasing some diamonds. I know you're probably thinking, 'why didn't she just buy some Dairy Milk?'. The reason is, H Samuel have a mahoosive sale on at the moment, with some of the most beautiful diamond jewellery reduced down to the price of a New Look dress.

I'm a huge fan of high street jewellery, with prices so cheap you can switch up your accessories to keep up with the season's trends. That said, there is nothing quite like having that beautifully delicate, expensive piece of jewellery that you keep aside for special occasions. I have a couple of pieces like this, given to me as gifts for my 18th birthday, and really wanted to add a couple more to my collection. So what better than to take advantage of this summer sale?

The first piece that caught my eye was this beautiful sterling silver ring encrusted with diamonds in a three band twist. As you can see, the detail on this is astonishingly stunning; the three strands are entwined into almost a knot, then sealed with three individual diamonds along the front.

The image online made the ring seem a lot bigger than it actually is; something I was worried about as I'm not overly keen on huge chunky rings, unless they're high street fashion accessories. While this is a lot bigger than my 18th birthday ring, it's still the perfect size for it to make a statement yet still look elegant. This ring was £129.99 down to £29, so I managed a huge saving of £100!

Next is the necklace. It's a sophisticated sterling silver and diamond twist flower pendant hanging from a delicate silver chain. This is again a lot bigger than my other pricey jewellery, but still retains infinite elegance. It's not chunky, so to speak, just a larger version of many other dainty necklaces of the same style which you often see in jewellers.

This is refined enough to wear to those special occasions or if you're dressing up for an event, but just large enough to get noticed and not be drowned by your clothing's neckline. I can't remember the exact original price of this, but I have a feeling it was around £179. I managed to save about £150 on this as I snapped it up for a mere £29.99.

Whilst these two are now out of stock and cannot be found on the H Samuel website, they are still running a huge 50% on diamonds, amongst other forms of jewellery. Diamond rings start from £34.99, while the necklaces are starting from £20. There are undeniably huge savings to be had, so why not go treat yourself or stock up on some gifts if you have some important birthdays up ahead.

H Samuel offer free delivery for orders over £49, and I have to say the delivery turned up bang on time. Most of the big jewellers are having their summer sale at the moment, so it's definitely worth having a shop around for some bling bargains.

Have you snapped up any bargainous goodies from the H Samuel sale?


  1. That ring is stunning and definitely better than dairy milk! You've now made me want to get myself a new ring... the browsing has begun!

    1. Thank you! And do it! You may as well get one whilst they're cheap as chips...think of it as an investment piece ;)

  2. It's such beautiful jewelry! I love the way the diamonds are laid out. Good find!

    1. Thank you! There were so many other beautiful pieces on the website too!

  3. Wow you got some amazing deals here.
    They're all beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I love the jewellery sales at this time of year :) xx


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