2True Salon Shine: 'Mila'

As summer has approached us, it's time to deck out our beauty regime with fun, bold colours. It's the time to try out those bright shades on your hair, lids, lips and nails. I love switching my nail colour up to suit my look and mood, so this orange shade from 2True seemed the perfect accompaniment to my summer adventures.

Some of my eagle-eyed readers might remember this nail varnish from my Superdrug haul a while back. I was really impressed with the design of the bottle. It looks sleek and classy; a far cry from the usual cheap, simplistic packaging you normally get with a £4 nail varnish! While I think a lot of the packaging ideas had been inspired by Barry M's Gelly polish range, it's a definite improvement on their old design which was neither here nor there.

I chose the shade 'Mila' mainly because it stood out like a sore thumb. It's a beautifully bright orange with coral hues, and really captured my eye amidst the other muted colours available. What's more, these bright orange colours are fantastic for bringing out your tan, however minimal it might be, so for me and my ghostly white skin, this was a must.

The formula is not too runny, something I was pleasantly surprised with for a product so budget. Usually, cheap products look the part but never quite live up to the job, but this was very different. The brush was a bit on the thin side, but I expected this as it's quite a small bottle. It does the job and applies the nail varnish with ease.

What pleased me most about this nail varnish was the opacity. You could easily get away with one coat of this, but I added two just to neaten up my wonky stroke lines. I never thought I'd find a nail varnish which applied easily, wasn't too runny and was done and dusted within 2 coats. What's more, it dries pretty quickly too so there's no waiting around or worrying about smudging.

This gorgeous shade from the 2True Salon Shine nail varnish range is fabulous quality and perfect for the summer sun. With it's glossy finish, it definitely gives other gel varnishes a run for their money. The sophisticated bottle makes the brand feel more expensive than the £4 price tag. Sometimes, budget is better!

Please excuse the state of my nails!

I'll definitely be stocking up in more colours. What do you think of 2True?


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