NEW EYELINER ALERT! Perfecting the Cat Flick with Flawless Lashes By Loreta

I feel like I'm a bit stubborn and unexciting when it comes to make-up. Once I find a product that works well, it takes a lot for me to venture out and try new things. I stick with what I know, and it usually never fails me! This goes for the RapidLash serum I rave about non-stop, the false lashes I wear to cover up my baldness, and the eyeliner I use to fill in any eyelash gaps. Usually, I have the same couple of eyeliners that I entrust to create the perfect trichotillomania cover-up; the Soap & Glory Super Cat pen is fab for creating a winged look, whilst my ultimate bae, Collection's Fast Stoke eyeliner, is super dark and smudge-proof (perfect for when your hands are constantly reaching for your eyes...).

Flawless Lashes by Loreta isn't a brand that was on my radar (from a browse on their website they seem to be better known for professional lash extension products), but they have recently released this eyeliner pen that has made me ditch my trusty products! Whilst I usually wear eyeliner every day, now that I have my lashes fully back and growing by the day, I have been making the most of these rare moments and stepping out with just mascara on. But there are still the odd days where I make an extra effort and pop on a bit of eyeliner, and when I have, I've been using this Flawless eyeliner product.

Firstly, I love how sleek it looks; it's super skinny and a bit smaller than most eyeliner pens. I actually much prefer this size as it's perfect for popping in make-up bags, handbags and the like. The pen itself is really fine but widens out to enable you to create a variety of looks. I find with quite a lot of pens, applying the liner from the nib (thinnest point to create that extra precise, subtle look) never works as there isn't enough product there to transfer well. This is one of the first pen eyeliners I've found which doesn't have this problem and I'm really enjoying being able to rock a really subtle lick of eyeliner (which makes your lash line look thicker and fuller than it actually trich dreams made true).

Collection's Fast Stroke is one of the most pigmented eyeliners I've found, and this certainly rivals it. In terms of darkness, it is the same (although has a different texture- Fast Stroke dries and can crumble, whereas because of the pen style, the Flawless eyeliner tends to smudge instead). My first try of this product was a bit disastrous and I managed to smudge it loads- not helped by the fact that my hayfever was at it's worst and my eyes were itching and streaming like hell. Since then, I haven't had too many issues- it's not completely smudge-free, but no more so than other pen liners I've tried. In fact, if anything, there is slightly less transfer than most high street liners.

The only negative I have is that it is not a high street liner, so I cannot really compare them. It retails at £19.99, so I would expect it to be better than the £6 products I've previously turned to. Also bear in mind that I currently have lashes; I generally find all eyeliners smudge and transfer less when my lash line is full. I have not tried this with gaps or baldness. It's got pretty good longevity regardless, but can imagine that baldness may effect this- if this goes anywhere near the water line it tends to smudge and leave panda eyes, and it's difficult to avoid applying like this if you are trying to cover up gaps.

Overall, I am still really enjoying using this eyeliner whilst I have my eyelashes and am genuinely impressed by it. It's so pigmented and the precision makes it very easy to create loads of different looks- including perfecting pesky cat flicks and sharp winged liner. For transparency, I was gifted this product; if money wasn't an issue, I would definitely re-purchase this eyeliner. As it stands (having to watch the pennies a wee bit), I would probably stick with the old favourites just because they also work well and are cheaper. It's a good one to try though if you are on the look-out for a new eyeliner!

What are your go-to eyeliners?

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This product was kindly gifted to me, however, as always my reviews are always 100% honest. 

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