The Joy of Lashes!

I wanted to share a little update with you all as I am proper excited. I have eyelashes again! As I mentioned in my last little update post (which you can have a nosey at here), I recently pulled out all of my lashes after managing to keep them for about 8 months. I was absolutely gutted. To have that proud moment where you think 'WOW. This is the best I've done in ages. I am actually kicking trichotillomania's butt', to then come crashing back to reality and have it destroy your hard work yet again is so upsetting.

It's the vicious cycle of trichotillomania that breaks so many of us. But I thought to myself, I've done it once before so I can do it again. And with a little help from some Rapidlash serum (full review on this wonder product here), I've now got a full set back, 6 weeks or so after pulling them all out. Although it is a small victory in the much bigger battle against trichotillomania, being able to grow them back so quickly, to be digging out the mascaras again and packing away the false lashes just makes me feel so happy. It makes me feel like I have actually achieved something with this illness- even if it may be fleeting.

That said, my eyebrows are an absolute disaster and I think I'm pulling more at them to make up for the fact that I'm not touching my lashes! I guess you can't win everything (especially with trichotillomania). But despite this, I'm still proud of myself for keeping my lashes thus far and watching them grow longer each week. You've got to take the little victories where you can; we spend so much time berating ourselves and beating ourselves up over succumbing to the urges. Do you ever actually take the time to congratulate yourself when you do well? When you grow your lashes/hair/brows? When you manage to overcome an urge to pull? Probably not- because the negatives seem to be more impactful so we focus on these more. It's so important to recognise when you have a small win, because actually, it's amazing that you've managed to get it. And you deserve the credit for that. We can't battle this illness without ever celebrating the positives.

So, I am just going to carry on enjoying having lashes, enjoying being able to just leave the house without having to wear winged eyeliner and false lashes, enjoying applying mascara every day- while it lasts. I just wanted to share my little happy moment (and serve as a reminder that they do happen...even if not very often); we've got to take the positives whilst we can with trich!

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  1. So much love for this, Sophie. You're absolutely right, it's so easy to think we still need to do/be/achieve more, as though the mystical 'more' will make things better, but we then miss the wonderful successes along the way! Go rock those gorgeous lashes of yours!

    1. Thanks Sian! I also think it's unfortunately even more common with women too- we never seem to celebrate our achievements for fear of seeming braggy....but maybe that's another rant for another day! x


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